This may upset a few but it’s the truth.

Poor me life is not fair, everything is hard and too expensive.

Look around yourself right now. Are you really happy with what you see and have?

Look at the car you drive, the house you live in, your job and the people in your life, even your kids.


This may upset a few but its true, we are all responsible for our own lives that we are leading now.

Your job. Did you really do all you could to educate yourself and study hard to get the best job you can to earn the money you want?

Did you really buy the best property in the right area with the funds you had? Was it a good investment?

Do the people you live with and mix with really support and encourage you to be the best you can?

Even your health is mostly down to you and how you treat your body, have you really done all you could and eaten the best foods you can? Exercise regally?

You see its all down to choices we make along the way that govern how we live in the future. NOBODY is to blame, not the virus Brexit or the government its all you.

NOW heres the kicker…

You can change it at any time. ALL OF IT. except maybe the kids your stuck with them for life now…lol

Need more money, a better job, new house or car, want to move?

Nothing is impossible unless you think it is.

People posting how their dreams are ruined now with Brexit and the virus. If its really your dream then you will find a way. Is it harder to move to Spain now? Hell yes, there are more requirement’s now but 18 years ago it seemed just as hard for me back then. There was no info online like there is today about moving to Spain, property prices were in a slump nobody was interested in buying my house and work in the uk was slow and I had no idea how to move to Spain, what papers I needed and I didn’t speak a word of Spanish. Friends and family said i was crazy.

No body helped me, I looked for and found solutions to all the problems I came a crossed. Yes you need more money in the bank to move to Spain now but there are still several options.

We offer help here

18 years ago I had to sell everything I owned in the uk right down to the last piece of furniture just to have enough to move here. I had to take on 2 jobs in the uk 6 months before I moved here and I was teaching karate 3 nights a week then to save the money I needed. I didnt say how hard life was i just did it.

Need more money?. Find ways to get it, earn it, whatever it takes. Retrain get a better job or look for a job in Spain. Not qualified well get qualified learn new skills.

The problem is most people get comfortable in their lives, their houses and their jobs even if they moan about them they feel comfortable. They are comfortable and any change seems just too hard.

Excuses. kids. Work. money. Family commitments? Everything that you think is stopping you move to Spain others have had similar to get over. They did it and people are still doing it and they will do it next year as well, even with all these restrictions. Nobody has had it easy moving here even if they had plenty of money they still had problems to get over.

This morning i had an amazing whats app video from my cousin. He was on deaths door with just weeks to live. Nobody though he had a chance. He has just had a kidney transplant at the weekend and he is still in hospital here in Malaga but sent me a selfie video of him sitting up in bed singing a happy song to music. He is a new man. He is born again and has got a second chance.

We take life for granted really and time is so short we just dont know whats around the corner so we owe it to ourselves to live our lives to the full and follow those crazy dreams till the end.

Now stop making excuses and start looking for solutions. there really is a way if you just look hard enough.

Have you read all the info and seen all the videos under GUIDES on the menu bar. its all free but only for those who want to follow their dreams.

Whats your dream and what are you doing about it. comment below..

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