Accountability Page

What are your Dreams and what are you going to do to make them come true?

This page is where you write them down in the comments box for the world to see and set goals and dates to achieve them.

Here you will be accountable. We will see what your dream is and we will try and help you stay on track to accomplish them.

Nothing is impossible and we need to dream big.

Heres how it works.

Comment what your dream is and what you are doing to make it happen and what date will you achieve this dream. Members can read these and possibly help you with tips and advice to make it happen faster.

Many have said that moving to Spain is now imposible as you need 26k or more to get residencia now so i want to share my dream that is for 26k.

Davids Dream.

I will have a Harley Davison fat boy motor bike and get a six pack stomach my next birthday 28th 2022.

I will be 60 years old so not an easy dream to accomplish.

Now at this moment i haven’t even got a full bike licence or 26k to buy one and i have not exercised for several months but i will start now and i will find a way.

Now comment what your dream is below.


  1. I am 73 and I am waiting for the covid to pass to do the Trans-Siberian, I don’t know Russian but I am already able to read after learning the Cyrillic alphabet, I encourage with the weight my pack is 6.


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