Make a “Bad” Plan if you want to Move to Spain

Even now with all thats going on in the world and the restrictions on Travel, Virus and Brexit, if you want to Move to Spain then you must start with a Bad plan.

Really a Bad plan? YES and heres why.

First off what’s a Bad plan.?

Well a bad plan is when you just write down a few things that you think you need to do and have if you want to move to Spain . Anything that first comes into your head, as crazy as it seems write it down fast in the form of a list. Now Theres your Bad Plan.

So now you have this Bad plan what next?

Tweek it and make it a great plan.

“Any plan is better than no plan” and once you have your first bad plan you need to do just a little research and improve that plan.

So you want to move to Spain and now you have the plan. Well spend just 15 mins every day researching things and info that you can add to this plan. If moving to Spain really is your dream then this 15 mins will soon start to be longer and you will want to spend more time on it and the more time you spend researching the more you will learn and increase your opportunities of finding a way to get what you want.

Heres a quick personal storey thats related. Years ago i wanted a new truck for work. My then van was getting on a bit. I wanted a pick up truck but didnt have the money and had no way of getting near it. or so i thought. I saw this white pick up truck parked on a garage fore court on my way to a new job here and it caught my eye. Each day i passed this garage i looked at this truck and just wished for one like it. I started seeing these types of trucks everywhere after that, They say that you start attracting into your life what you think of and this is so true.

One day sitting on a wall having a lunch break with my work mate, a pick up truck parked right in front of us as we were sitting there. That day on the way home from work my mate and i stopped at this garage and had a walk around this white pick up truck that was for sale. Now up till now i didnt even know how much it was.

So a guy came out and asked if i liked it. O yes i said and asked the price. 9000 euros.

Well i didnt even have 2 k at that time as all my money was invested in materials for my work.

I said my good byes and we drove away. The next day all i could think about was this bloody truck.

At this time my mate and i were working on an English guys kitchen doing a refit. He had a nice villa in town about 20 mins from my home at that time.

After a few days as we were working on his house his nieghbor came round to have a look and asked if i could give him a quote to do a job he was thinking about on his house.

The next day i went round to this nieghbore house and found out that it was a very big extention with a very large kitchen and roof to open up the back of his house. This was at that time the biggest job i had ever gone for here in Spain and total price of all the works was around 25k. This was over 4 month work for me and possibly more bathroom renovations after.

The quote was in and that afternoon we again stopped at the garage and the same guy came out and asked if i wanted to take it for a drive. I did and it was just perfect but still i had no money.

When i priced up this new job i said i needed a large deposit to start if excepted as i would be buying materials in cash to keep prices down. He accepted and i had enough deposit to get the materials and my truck. Within just 3 weeks of seeing this dream truck i was driving it and it was mine bought and paid for. I offered 8k in the end and got it for that.

You may think its money, work or getting over the new restrictions that will stop your move to Spain and maybe you will be stopped once you start to get all this info and find that it really is harder than you thought.

Heres the thing.

Nothing is impossible.

Once you start researching topics and reading articles following people that have done what it is that you want to do, you start seeing and coming across things that you didnt know or didnt think about before.

Even if your new revised plan now has points that seem impossible to resolve you could start learning some Spainish online in classes or from free aps online as this will put you in places sites of with people who have the same interests thats anything connected with Spain.

Doors and opportunities start to open for you when you start to take action and immerse yourself in the subject.

Lets say its money that you think is stopping you move to Spain .

Well then, you need more of it and may start thinking about just how you can earn more. Retrain, change jobs or just get a better job maybe doing something completely different. Make another bad plan on how to get this new money.

Look I have lived in Spain 18 years now and it has been hard at times thats for sure and i have had more problems than most to get over including losing 80k on a house sale here in the crisis just a few years after i moved here and a divorce and a very quiet 6 months of almost no work.

Then just 2 years ago i started a new house build “See Here” on a plot of new land building a new 4 bed house and pool with almost no knowledge of what papers and permissions i needed but i did it anyway and looked for and found solutions to all these problems.

So make your bad plan then tweek it and keep on adding to it and researching anything connected to it then seek out and follow people who have done what you want to do and do as they did or at least learn from them.

A few weeks ago i interviewed a expat who had a plan and found work in Spain ,

See how he did it and just what he did here below…

Have you got a plan yet?

More info on how to live and work in Spain below

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