Do you tip in Spain?

To tip or not to tip thats the question and heres what i have learned over the last 18 years here and from my Spanish wife. and friends.

Personally i like to tip if i have had good service and in my travels around the world normally follow that countries rules on tipping.

In the usa they like to tip most of the time and more than i felt necessary but did notice there the service was normally very good.

SO What about in Spain?

Heres what i have seen and learned.

When i first moved to Spain i mostly left tips and if the bill for tapas was say 15 euros i would leave 2 euros tip.

For meals in nice restaurants or bars where the service was very good i would leave more especially if i knew that i would be going back.

Now heres the thing.

Bars and Cafes

In general, the more informal a place is, the less common tipping will be. When ordering a coffee or beer in Spain, virtually nobody will leave a tip, especially if that’s all you order. Some locals may simply leave the coins they’re given as change if they also order food, such as a pastry or a tapa, but many will simply pocket the change without a second thought. 

When i first met my Spanish wife she told me i tipped too much and should leave nothing or 50 cents.

Most of my Spanish friends leave small or no tips but if we go out in a group. “Not so much now” we leave a reasonable tip.

When my Brother comes here on holiday he would leave quite big tips as he thought the bill was cheap. One one day my Spanish wife Llani said “NO thats way too much” and he would change it to 50 cents.

Now when he comes and if he pays he ask, “how much tip shall i leave? an English tip or a Llani tip.”

Personally i still give what i feel is right for the service here.

Do you tip here and what do you feel is right?

Lets us know in the comments box..


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