Spain goes High tec

24th nov 2022

For years Spain has been seen as a bit old fashioned or slow in technology or moving forward with the times but things are changing fast here.

Now there are some very new developments and technologies that Spain are using on a daily basis that many living here may not know.

Heres a few examples from my personal experience here.

Not long ago i was stopped here by traffic police on bikes looking to see where i was going. This is becoming more common here now and i showed my id to the policeman who had a hand held small pc of sorts that he punch in my details and up popped my photo and nie number on his system.

All in seconds and i was free to go.

On a trip to the planning office here last year to check some details on my plot of land we asked the planning officer about the area on my land and he opened his pc and had a sat alight image that he said was updated monthly that he could zoom in and see every inch of my property. so those who say they live in the country and nobody can see what they are building may want to think again.

Also he told me that they had drones now they use off of motor bikes to get updates on property boundaries.

With new online systems in Spain you can do most things now here online even sign documents and make appointments for important events. The new digital signature is now available to all who want one here and its fast and easy to do and with these virus restrictions pretty handy as well.

How and where to get yours here.

With the growing amount of cameras in towns now they are almost all connected and many cities now have linked systems that can even scan faces from distance.

Marbella, is now the biggest video surveillance lab in Spain
The southern Spanish city has 85 ultra-high definition cameras that use artificial intelligence software to scan hours worth of footage to identify suspects

The more we use the internet and its devices the more we are conected and the more THEY big brither are watching us.

Spain moving fast on new solar energy now and leading the world in some areas.

Almeria my home city leading the way. Aora was the first solar energy company to connect to the national grid. Since, it has been under the radar, and has recently emerged at the prestigious Platforma Solar Almeria in Almeria, Spain.

This can be a good or bad thing but the point is Spain is no longer living in the dark ages it really has moved forward fast.

What have you found has improved here in Spain. and whats still in need of improvement?

David On the BBC

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