Are you really a Dreamer

 I am a dreamer what about you?

Most of my live I have been a dreamer, always wanting crazy things and trying new experiences.

As a kid my mom used to say that I was a dreamer and should focus on one thing. My dad said try it all.

As a teen I was out most nights following my hobbies’ I had many from judo karate and scuba diving and at weekends gliding club.

Fast forward a few years and I talked about moving to Spain. Then came the comments. Mostly from friends saying I was a dreamer and it would not happen. Even at my leaving party the week before I moved to Spain I had friends and some family members say that I would soon be back.

That was 18 years ago now and just last week I had a message from an old work friend who is still working at the same old company complaining about his life, he saw one of my youtube videos of my on the beach here last week in the sun doing a video.

Things have changed a lot with what’s going on in the world right now and things will continue to change in the months ahead but if you have a dream and that dream is to move to Spain then Never give up on it. It’s the dreamers of this world that get to live out their dreams not the complainers who look for and find excuses. Dreaming big is good and if your dreams don’t scare you then your dreams are not big enough.

Once you have a dream its just a dream but once you start taking action on that dream it starts to come to fruition. You may not know how or where to start but taking small steps now opens new doors later that you once thought were shut.

 “Look to the end of the road and you will see the end of the street But walk to the end of the road and you will see the start of the motorway”

Nothing worth having is easy and life has its ups and downs and will put many obstacles in your way but if you don’t give up your dreams have to come true.

My group and all my sites are designed and packed with free info positive tips and advice to help others follow their dreams so take a few minutes to check them out, get inspired and get the help you need to stay on track from others who are living their dreams doing what they want in a place they love.

Whats your crazy dream?

Come join our group we have members that are willing to help you and encourage you follow your dreams here..

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