Move To Spain but dont try Spanish

One of my pet hates here is people who move To Spain and dont try the Spanish food or the equivalent of the uk products they find hard to get in Spain.

Some time ago i was in my local supermarket with my Spanish wife and heard a English guy tell his wife that he cant find the cornflakes. she said ask the girl. He went upto a shop assistant and said in English “where are the Kellogg’s cornflakes”. She shrugged her shoulders and he looked at his wife and said she doesn’t understand. Funny that as she is Spanish and he was speaking English.

I approached him and said they dont do Kelloggs cornflakes here but the spanish one is similar and i like it. He looked at it and said “o no i couldnt eat that”.

On one of my famous tapas posts i posted a picture of me eating Black paella and i had several comments saying that looked horrible and that people would never try that.

When i first moved to Spain i went to my local English supermarket that was then miles from where i lived just to get some of my favourite uk foods. After about 3 months of this i just thought it was ridiculous and started looking for and trying the Spanish equivalent.

I have found breakfast cereal, sauces and many other Spanish things here that i now really like and dont miss the English equivalent.

OK so black Paella may be not that nice to look at but the flavour is amazing and if you only try some of the things here you just may find a new favorite food or dish.

Most of the time the Spanish equivalent is much cheaper as well.

I used to love my English bacon but the spanish bacon is very different so i now have SOBRASSADA, a spicey Spanish paste that is like sausage and i have it on toast. Again it doesnt really look that nice but its so tasty.

If you are going to live in Spain then dont complain about what you can get here, just have an open mind and try the Spanish equivalent, you just might find a new favourite food.

What do you miss and what have you found is your new Spanish favourite food. Is there a spanish dish you just wont try?

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