When is the right time to Move to Spain?

The question is “When the right time to Move to Spain

Move To Spain

That’s a question I get asked a lot over the years and my answer is always the same. NOW.

Ok there is a lot going on in the world right now with brexit the virus and many other worrying things that may be putting your dreams on hold.

These are a few of the reasons I have heard why people Cant Move to Spain.

Not enough money, not yet retired, got kids in school. job commitments or need to find work.

Guys there is always going to be reasons why you cant do something but if it really is your dream then you will find a way to do it anyway.

Look these reasons I have listed above are the exact same reasons that hundreds of others have had but they still moved anyway, they found a way and did it. They looked for and found solutions and so can you.

Yes you need to think about it properly and do loads of research and planning but its possible even now.

The reason you are reading this post is because you are here in Spain or you are interested in moving to Spain so you have taken the first steps and now you need to take more action and more steps.

“If you look to the end of the street you can see the end of the road. But if you walk to the end of the street you will see the start of the motorway”

This year is my 18th year living and working in Spain and when I was thinking about the move here there was no groups like this and very little info on how to do it.

Here we have members that have been through it all and living in Spain . we all have to go through very similar things and get over very similar problems to be here so connect with these members follow them and ask them what and how they did it as they will be happy to help others follow their dreams of moving to Spain.

My rose tinted glasses.

Many times I have been told I have rose tinted glasses and that I should tell others that its hard and not always easy to move to Spain and that I should not paint such a pretty picture of Spain all the time. Well yes I like my rose tinted glasses, its much better then some people’s negative views and outlooks they have.

Look it will be hard that’s for sure and you will have problems along the way. But if it was easy then most of the uk would be on the next plane out here.

Yes there are things I don’t like about Spain but way less then what I didn’t like about the way of life I had in the UK.

It wouldn’t be very interesting if I just had a group about all the problems of moving to Spain and the things that I don’t like here, not many members and why create and attract negativity like that?

I love the Uk and care about family and friends there and I am still interested in what happens there but I choose to live my life in what I know is a better place and at a slower stress free pace of life.

Personally I love to help others follow their dreams of moving to Spain and I know there are many other members here that feel the same way so this group and all my other sites and pages that are linked here are specifically designed to help and encourage others to take these steps and inspire them to go for that dream life.

So how long are you going to dream about it and how long are you going to wish for it before you take action and just go for it?

“Thoughts become feelings that become actions that get results”

One of my members just got a Spanish job in Spain and he doesn’t even speak very good Spanish. How? have a listen here..https://www.spreaker.com/user/davidwright/britishexpatsinspainpodcastjobsinspain

Remember we have a mentor page here in the side bar where you can connect with other members one on one and get help from them you get you on track to follow your dreams. Also heres all the links you need to get your info from click here..britishexpatsinspain.com

Today its Monday morning and I am writing this post as the warm sun comes up over my terrace and once I am finished I will start tiling my terrace as I am working on my dream house here in Almeria and that for me is my dream life.

What are you doing on a Monday morning and is it really what you want to do?

Need to be inspired fast then click here..


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