Stop making excuses and just do it

So its your dream to Move to Spain but what about the kids, will they like it and finding work will be hard and what about brexit and the language?

There are hundreds of things that you will find that will put you off moving to Spain and may make it hard to move to Spain.

There will be may things that you are not sure about and getting all the paperwork will be slow and confusing thats for sure but each year hundreds of people still do it. They take a risk and just go for it.

All the things that you think are stopping you from moving to Spain and all the reasons you have for not doing it now, are the same reasons that all the others who did it had, and they got over.

Is it really your dream to move to Spain? WHY? …was it for a better way of life and the weather or just fed up with the UK? what ever your reasons you are reading this so you are interested in moving to Spain and have been thinking about it. Maybe for years.

Time waits for now one and time is more important that anything.

OK so i am not saying just pack a bag and go now but stop looking for reasons for not to follow your dreams and start looking for solutions and taking positive action, the solutions will reveal themselves once you change the way start thinking. Its your mind set thats really stopping you.

“If you look to the end of the road you see the end of the road.. BUT if you walk to the end of the road you see the start of the motorway”

The hardest step is to get out of your comfort zone. Its easier to follow the 9 to 5 crowd and live a normal life. Normal being that you do what most do .

Do you not owe it to yourself to have the best life possible and live a happy life not a normal one?

Its ok to be 80 years old sitting in that rest home watching repeats on tv thinking what if i had just done that BUT its amazing to be sitting on that beach at 80 saying i am so glad i did this.

Will it be hard.? yes. …will it be stressful? Yes and will it be easy? No ..BUT then nothing in life thats worth having is easy or if it was then everyone would be doing it.

Life is like a book and those who do not follow their dreams read only one page.

All these members you see living in Spain posting pics of their life in Spain have been through and done all the same things to get where they are now. they have all had different things to get over, Its NOT luck, they have all been through some stress but they found solutions along the way and they are now living their dream life in Spain so why cant you?

Its the action takers in life that get to live out their dreams and its the ones who look for solutions not problems that succeed.

I plug my books and info here and on all my sites, Hell yes..Not to earn money and get rich because what i earn from my books is peanuts but i do it to help others get out that horrible comfort zone that kills so many dreams.

I do it to get amazing messages from others saying how my info has helped them move to spain and i have met many of my members here in my area that have got off their arses and are now living the life they dreamed of. If my info or books help just one person break that comfort zone barrier then i feel i have saved a life from being dull and not being lived to the full potential.

We have members that are living here that feel the same way and truly want to help others follow these dreams and they are helping with the info they share. We have a mentor group on our facebook page i set up where you can get or give free help to others, we have books, videos and podcasts where you can get all the info you need to move to Spain.

Its down to you.

How much do you really want to move to Spain? Start below now…

Davids books here

Podcast show here

Youtube channel here

Blog here

Facebook group here

Are you taking action on your dreams? Comment below what you are doing.

Heres another British Expats thats found work in Spain..

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