Why are you not living your dream life right now.

Because you dont really want to.

Members have commented on my posts saying that i am so lucky living in Spain.

Guys, it really has nothing to do with luck. Luck is winning the lottery. Its not even about having money.

If you want something enough then you will find a way to get it and the money you need , the only reason your not living the life of your dreams now is because of the excuses that you put in your head.

I have no money, i have no work, i have kids, i have family problems, i have heard them all….

Take a look around you right now, look at where you are living, your house, your car and even the people that you are living with….This is ALL your doing and the result of choices that you have made.

Trust me i have made some bad choices over the years but learned to make faster better ones.

If your not happy with what you have or the life that you are in right now then YOU can change it at any time in an instant. Start making better choices.

“But i have no money” some will say. Rubbish get a job, get a better job or get 3 jobs, even retrain for something that generates you a better income. Sell some of that shit that you have bought over the years that you never use or really needed.

With the internet now has never been a better time to learn new skills and find better ways of earning more money to get you the things that you need.

Its really not just about the money though, If you have passion and a driving force and take action then new doors will open up to you that you once thought where impossible. Look for and follow people that are doing what you want to do, see what and how they did things and learn from them. Connect with them and message them as they will be happy to help you as they are living their dreams and are the sort of people that help and encourage others to do the same. We even have a free mentor group that members will help you one on one.. ” search in our Group for the link”

Is it risky? hell yes but so is crossing the road.

If you dont take some calculated risks then you wont get what you want. Just look at all the richest and most successful people in the world. industry leaders and entrepreneurs all over the world have taken risks at some point to get where they are now.

So many people wish their lives away and end up regretting never taking action on their dreams. The older you get the more you realize this.

Just a few days ago a girl friend of my wifes from her works came to our new house for coffee and to see how our building is going, She said ” you guys are so lucky to live in such a nice area with such a lovely house”

Now this is a girl that was educated at the same school as my wife and works at the same company earning the same money. She chooses to live in an apartment in town where she has problems with her neighbours, she chose the new car that she drives that cost her a fortune just to go to work in. She could have bought a plot of land right behind ours and built her house there but she thinks we are lucky and that some how it just came to us over night.

Thousands of people move to Spain every week even now with all the problems going on in the world. If they can do it why are you telling yourself that you cant?

Everyone that has moved to Spain has had problems and reasons why they should not do it and things to get over and loads of paperwork to get sorted out, But they did it anyway. We are all different and have different needs , kids parents and work issues but those that take a couculated risk and do plenty of research and take action are the ones that get to live out their dream life and if it turns out Not to be the dream life they thought then at least they tried.

Just imaging sitting in the UK rest home at the age of 80, sat in front of that TV thinking… ” I wish i had done that” or sitting on that beach at 80 with the warm sun on your skin and a cold drink in your hand saying “ I am so glad i did this”.

Are you living your dream life now? if not listen to the podcast below and change things. its never too late..

Get inspired now listen to this podcast below…

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