The down side of living in Spain

I have been accused of having rose coloured glasses on when talking about Spain and Not saying all the things that can go wrong here or the down sides    So Here goes just to keep the moaners happy.

Normally i dont bother going to much into the negatives of living in Spain as there really isn’t that many and the group is about positively encouraging members to follow their dreams not try and put them off, theirs plenty of other groups full of moaners for that.

OK so here goes.

For me personally there is way to much unnecessary paperwork here that is difficult to navigate even if your spanish is good you seem to need paper work for everything but most of this is when you first move here and thats about it unless you are building a new house here then thats just the start of it.

With digital signatures here now this paperwork thing is getting way better.

Punctuality is poor here all round but again with the slower pace here you get use to that as well.

People say work is a major problem but this is a global thing and if you find it hard to get work in the uk then for sure in a country thats new to you where you dont understand the language it will be hard.

Too hot or too many mosquito’s is one i here a lot but thats part of life here and again you adapt and find solutions so not really a bother.

These are really all i can think about and the major ones being the paperwork that i hate and the work thing. Both are easier if you bother to learn Spanish.

If you sat down and made a list of all the things that can go wrong then you may not move to Spain at all but if you sat down and made a list of all the positive advantages of the better way of life you could have in Spain against the way of life that many follow in the UK then you will move here faster.

Looking for and finding the best in things i feel always is a better road to go down then the alternative. Encouraging members to follow their dreams and have the best life they can is better than warning them of all the down sides. I try and give a balanced view but maybe am more to the “How great side it is here”.

Everyone is different and i always say do loads of research on areas and what you need when moving here as preparation is key and the biggest downfall to those who fail to here. We provide info support and help in the group in so many ways and have members here that love to help others. WHY ? well because they love it here in Spain and truly want others to love it here too. Look for and follow these members rather than the moaners as these positive members will help you get where you want faster.

Is there down side to living in Spain…hell yes there are loads but nothing you cant get over. Thousands of others have so can anyone.

The thought of ever moving back to the UK and living in the rate race scares me and although i love the uk and visiting there once a year i would never want to live there again after living here in Spain.

Downside are everywhere and in the UK there were loads but with the way the UK is changing now and the things i see on tv i would not he happy with that life there anymore. Downsides here in Spain seem way less to me so thats why i dont normally post about them.

Theres always a solution if you look hard enough and getting over these problems and paperwork here is something we all have to go through when moving here to have the better way of live. It almost seems like an initiation that you need to go through to enjoy a better way of life here.

Research tack action and follow others to help to get the best out of life in Spain.

What have you found to be the hardest things to get over here?



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