What if it all goes wrong in Spain

Saturday was inspirational day and i was amazed at how many positive posts we had so wanted to keep it rolling.

I did have one or 2 private messages saying that i was painting a rosey picture and Spain was not like that and it was hard here.

What about all the ones that Fail...?

Well after living and working in Spain for 17 years i have seen many move here and many fail this is true. BUT and its a big but.

Almost all the ones that fail are people that had Not done enough research or have over stretched themselves with money and dont speak Spanish. Or a combination of all 3.

This is a recipe for failure in any country.

Would you like to be sitting on your terrace in spain at 80 years old watching the sun go down with a glass of wine in your hand saying ” i am so glad i did this” OR sitting in front of the tv in a  nursing home at 80 saying ” i wish i had done that”

Yes you can fail and if you think that way you may well fail but you can also do well and many do here. Life is about taking calculated risks every day

If you want what others have you need to do what others have done.

What view do you want?



Heres my personal view on this.

Years ago i worked in the uk as a cabinet maker at my first job for 8 years and we had 2 older guys that were about 5 years off retirement. Every day these guys would say.. not long now and i will soon be retired and playing golf all day while you lads are still working here.

Well one called Jim loved his golf and when he did retire he left and just 2 weeks later his wife came in to tell us all that jim had died of a heart attack. He enjoyed 2 weeks of his retirement .

The other guy was bill and he retired and travelled a bit then his health went down fast and he died after just 3 years of retirement. These were both nice guys who had worked hard all their lives for what? a few years of enjoyment. I promised myself i was never going to work till retirement it just seemed to dangerous.


You will live longer in Spain and heres the proof.


Is it hard in Spain ? yes and no,,, it all depends on the planning and research you do and how much you can adapt to the new way of life and what you really need here.

Yes can live on very little income here many do and you really dont need all the toys and luxuries that it seems most brits in the uk just must have.

Geoff is a guy i know who moved here 10 years ago from Leeds. He retired early on half pension and rented a small apartment right on the beach, he walks to his small corner shop every day to get his basic foods then has a long walk every day along the beach and a coffee. then sits on his terrace with the papers watching the world go by. Evenings he has a beer or 2 in the tapas bar right in front of his apartment and he is loving his life here and he is healthy fit 75 now.

What is it you really want and how little can you really live on.

You can only fail when you dont try.

Regret is the biggest killer to your health. Spain has its problems and moving here will be hard at first but every year thousands of people do it and thousands make it work.

If its your dream then do it and do it now,

Are you going to be one of them or the one that likes sitting in front of the tv in a rest home.



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