How and where to get your Digital Signature in Spain.

updated feb 2022

With the lockdowns and restrictions here in Spain this is very handy.

Make appointments online, medical, office and most local authorities and councils now use these digital signatures .

Your Digital signature, or digital certificate (el certificado electrónico) is basically a file that contains your personal identification data and it is used to identify citizens in the process of administrative interactions and operations with e-government offices such as Spanish Tax Agency (Agencia Tributaria), Social Security Services (Seguridad Social), or Business Registers (Registros Mercantiles), among others. With its help you can modify your personal data stored in each corresponding service database, request, present or sign different applications or forms, ranging from tax declarations to various certificates and reports. Certain tax forms or documents can only be presented or requested through digital office.

How a digital signiture works.

where to get it from.. HERE.. and below if your Spanish is not that great is a walk through on the steps to take to do it online now… watch here..

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  1. David, this is done after one has residency and TIE in one’s hand? So, a TIE or NIE is needed in order to establish the digital signature certificate? As a brand new resident can the digital signature be requested at the same time? Thanks and apologies for my ignorance.


      1. Can I get a digit signiture from the UK . I have an NIE already. I understand that I have to get my identity verified can it be done here in the UK.


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