Moaning Mick didnt move to Spain

Heres the true story of moaning Mick.

Years ago i worked as a carpenter for a large firm on Brighton seafront.

There were 7 carpenters in this company as well as electricans and plumbers all working daily together like one big family.

Then there was moaning Mick. Every firm has one…

So Mick worked in this company for about 10 years before i started with them and this guy had a dream of one day moving to Spain.

This was even before I thought about moving to Spain.

So Mick was not a bright guy shall we say but he was fun to work with and did his job. nHe never did more than he needed to just enough to please the boss.

Fridays mick was always happy and couldnt wait to get off for the weekends. Mondays was a very different ketle of fish though and most Monday mornings we would all be sitting in the staff room waiting for the time to start work and in would come Mick just seconds before work time to start and always moaning.

He would moan about what a shit weekend he had and that he never have enough money and all the problems he had at home/ Lets just say he was not a happy guy at home.

So Mick earned the same money as all the other carpenters and worked the same hours bjut he was never happy.

We called him moaning mick even to his face and he never seems to mind.

Mick sometimes talked about moving to Spain to have a new life but he never did any planning or research just talk that one day he would be off and gone. We all joked many times about this and any guys who work in the trades know what other guys can be like at joking and very ruthless with their comments. Not meaning to be hateful just playful.

Most Fridays as we were being paid we would say to Mick ..Off to spain this weekend Mick.. and he would reply maybe. you wait i will be gone one day.

If ever you asked mick where or how he had no idea it was just something he said and he never even knew much about Spain/ Personally i dont think he even knew where Spain was as he had never been on a plane.

Mick always had something happen in his life that put his dream off for another year or so. He would have car trouble so sell the car and buy another one that was just as crap and cheap and weeks later have the same troubles. He moved because his rent was too high and then didnt like the place so moved again and that place was great he said until a few weeks later he moaned about the high rent and expenses. This was moaning micks life almost everything that happened to him was a disaster.

Us guys being guys did what guys do and took the piss and it was hard not to as everything this guy did went bad.

All the problems Mick had were his choices he made. Remember he was earning the exact same money as all of us and we have families and expenses just like him

If ever you had a problem Mick had a bigger one.

One day Moaning mick came in on a Monday with a smile and we all asked did he win the lottery. He told us that his grandfather he never really saw left him 15,000 and he was going to give in his notice that week. We were shocked.

Come friday we were all pushing him to go tell the boss whatr he thought of the job as Mick was going to let him really have it.

Then at the last minute Mick said next week as he wanted to speak to his wife.

Next Monday as Moaning mick came into work we all said Are you off this week Mick. NO was his answer the wife dont want to go.

He said he had paid off some debts and there was not much left.

We asked how was that and he started to moan about all the problems he had.

This was moaning micks life always excuses and always problems.

When i left that job moaning Mick was still there and still talking about moving to Spain. About 10 years later when i was living in Spain i returned to the UK for a visit and went to a DIY shop in town where i know that owner who also knew Moaning Mick. I asked if he knew anything about moaning Mick and he said that mick had a new job as a painter for a small firm in town. He was not happy as the hours were longer and the money nit so goo but he was still thinking of moving to Spain some day.

Most companies have a moaning mick and these people tend to attract into their lives what the put out.

Its all about choices you make and the plans and action you take.

Its not money, work or luck that lets you have what you want its how you do anything is how you do everything.

If you see problems all the time you have problems all the time. if you look for the solutions you find the solutions and dreams that come true are dreams that have been planned and thought abouyt daily and actions taken to make them happen.

A dream without action is just a dream.

Dont let your dreams die. If you take action daily and never give up then your dreams have to come true. Moaning is a killer of all dreams.

Dont be a moaning mick if you want to move to Spain

Do you know a moaning Mick?

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