The British Are picky Eaters

I was a bit shocked at the response i got from posting a few of my Tapas pics the other night. Some Brits thought they looked disgusting and said they would never try them.

I have noticed over the 18 years that i have lived in Spain the none adventurous eating habits of the British. Now i am not tarring all with the same brush here but it really is most.

The Black Paella dish i had last night upset a few. see below.

This is really just rice cooked in some squid ink and you cant taste the ink at all just the fishy flavor depending on what fish or shell fish they add. To me it tasts like mashed up fish fingers. i love fish fingers.

I must admit that the first time i tried it i was a little surprised at the look but the flavor is amazing and to not try it would have been a mistake as now i love this dish.

My Spanish wife was a little shock at some of the things the Brits eat when i first took her to England,

Like Bubble and Squeak. …Mushy Peas. …Scotch Egg. Spotted Dick. Chip butty. all my favorites.

She tried them all straight away and found them all nice. except the chip sandwich.

A few years ago my British friend from London was here with his wife and we went out for tapas. She looked at the fish dishes and said they all looked horrible and she would not even try any as she hated fish.

I ordered her a meat dish with a few chips and she was happy.

Then i said there was a dish of veg rings cooked in bater would she like to try it, she reluctantly agreed.

It was fried squid.

She ate it all and said it was very nice and would order it again. When i told her what it was she didnt believe me saying she didnt like fish but that was nice it cant be fish.

She had made up her mind that she hated all fish but this just showed that unless you try you never know what you are missing.

Personally i have tried some very strange things here and a few i was not keen on like bulls tail, too strong for me but i tried it. Also the snails here are not to my liking but again i gave it a go.

There is a bar in town near a big hotel that i sometimes go to for coffee and there are Brits there and i hear what they order and once i heard a guy say that all the food was strange and he just wanted chicken and chips. he got that but i always feel that many people are missing out on discovering new foods just because they wont try something new. There are some amazing foods here in some lovely restaurants. have a look at these places. Top places to eat in Spain.

Heres a few things that i have tried around the world that looked strange that i have tried.

rattle snake in Arizona

Baby birds and frogs legs in Paris

Baby river eels in Portugal

Parrot fish and shark meat in Bora Bora

guinea pig in Polynesia

ostrich in new york

crocodile in Florida

Bulls tail in Sevilla

sheeps stomach “Haggis ” in Inverness

All very strange but most very nice.

So when you come to Spain next, just step out of your comfort zone for one day and give it a try as you may discover a new favourite food.

Life is an adventure so be a little adventurous.

Do you try new spanish foods?

Whats the strangest thing you have eaten?

See what we love here in Spain click the pic.

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