You make your dreams come true

What is your dream and what are you doing about it

I always post about following your dreams and encourage people to follow their dreams especially if its moving to Spain but what are these dreams all about.

Heres my thoughts.

About 18 years ago i was living and working in the UK in Brighton Sussex as a carpenter working for a nice company building houses and renovations.

Although i loved the UK and my job then and was passionate about my then hobby of paragliding over the Sussex country side, the weather and long work hours was getting me down.

One day  as i was sitting in a traffic jam on a back country road on my way home from work, i looked out the window of my van . it was raining hard, it was cold and it was dark, this was about 4.30pm on a Friday afternoon. The forecast was for another wet and windy weekend so no paragliding again this weekend.

I saw a poster on a bill board over a shop. It was a picture of a pretty girl in a summer dress walking along a beach that looked like Spain and it was i think an ad for a travel company.

Looking at that picture i started to wish . if only one day i could live somewhere like that in the warm sun not cold wind and rain.

That planted the seed and i started to think well why not. What where the reasons, money work jobs. As i started to think about these things there didnt really seem to be any real reason why i couldnt do it.

Only the negative side of my but the positive side just kept saying why not.

I was married then to my first wife and when she arrived home she too was fed up with her work and the weather and we started to talk about just moving to Spain.

We talked all weekend and then started to come up with ideas on how we could do it.

It was a risk and we would be making big changes but we would be getting a better way of life.

This is how my dream started and just 8 months later we had moved to spain and rented for 6 months till our house sold.

I must say we did a lot of research and went to all the shows in hotels and events looking at areas of spain and all the property shows, If your thinking of Moving to Spain then this is a must.

We didnt have enough money to but the villa we dreamed of but it was a start and we had a great life here back then.

Now almost 18 years later i am remarried to a spanish girl and have almost finished building my dream villa “See what it looks like now here” its even bigger than the ones i dreamed of back then.

We all have different dreams, when i say dreams i really mean wishes for a better life or way of life.

I dont dream of winning the lottery thats just a wish, i wish it but its not likely but dreams that we have in our heads are thoughts and thoughts are energy and energy is real. Energy is everywhere in the universe and its all connected so when we dream of something or hold that thought in our minds long enough and often enough things start to open up to us and the universe finds ways to bring these dreams into your life. The key is to constantly be adding to these dreams in the way of thoughts and actions mixed and over time that have to come true. You do need to take action though, A dream without action is just a wish.

Anything is possible but the way to make dreams come true is first to have one then take daily action on making it happen. Even the smallest of actions daily helps cement that dream and will open up doors and new ways to help your dreams come true.

I am just a simple carpenter who wants the best in life and to live my life to the full so if i can do this move to Spain thing and do well here then why can anyone.

If your dreams dont scare you then your dreams are not big enough.

Whats your dream?

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