You must have These in your car here in Spain.

Whether you have a British registered vehicle or a Spanish registered vehicle you must have the following in your possession and in the vehicle. AT ALL TIMES if you fail to have these items/documents you can be fined.

  • Valid insurance
  • Current passport (this must be valid until after you return to the UK)
  • Current driving license
  • Two EU approved red warning triangles
  • Approved reflective jackets
  • Set of spare lamps/bulbs for your vehicle and the tools to change them
  • A spare pair of glasses if you need them for driving

The reflective jackets are relatively new addition to the items that you should have at all times in your vehicle.  They should be able to be seen from outside the vehicle and in a place that is easily reached as they must be put on before you get out of the vehicle at the side of any highway without street lights whether it be day or night.

The police also are very hot on the glasses thing. if they stop you and you are wearing glasses that you need for driving then you must also have a spare pair in the car.

Have you got all these things in your car now?

Comment below if this has been of value thanks.

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