How To Find Your Soul Mate In Spain

Ok so this is NOT a dating site and i an no love doctor but i have been reading all these memebers posts here that are single and having trouble finding a partner.

I think i may have a cure.

Years ago after i got divorced here i was alone here for months and very depressed.

One night i decided that i could just stay single for ever or do something about it.

Heres what i did.

I Knew i had to go where the single people were and discos or night clubs didnt seem to appeal to me anymore, So i joined other clubs, a walking club a rock climbing club and a salsa dancing club. ALL Spanish clubs no English.

At first it was embarrassing especially the salsa dancing as i am a builder and we Builders dont  dance well. “Sorry guys you think you do but we dont”.

Also my Spanish back then was poor at best.

All the members in all the clubs i joined where very welcoming and friendly.After a few weeks passed i started to make loads of new Spanish friends, my spanish improved a lot and with the salsa dancing although my dancing improved slowly i was really enjoying it and the music and started to get a few dates.

Me left with my climbing club.

Below the walking club

After 3 months i was out every night of the week even sundays. I was working as self employed Carpenter here then and was really tired as working all day and dancing 3 nights a week having dates or at one of the clubs.

I was 50 then and never had so many dates in my life and met some lovely Spanish  girls.

One day i met this one special girl and after 3 months i asked her to marry me and this August we will have been married 8 years.

Our wedding day

David and Llani.

As you get older it feels like it gets harder to meet the right person as we get comfortable in our ways and dont like change. Change is good, Change pushes us to new limits and opens new doors.

If you want to meet your dream partner here in Spain then you need to push your self make the effort and go where the sort of person you like is likely to be.

Ps The walking club helped me discover new places and the climbing club gave me new friends and the Salsa club gave me a new soul mate.

What club are you going to join.

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  1. Wonderful it was heartwarming reading how you met your wife..great ending.. I was a widow enjoying my life as I had a wonderful husband so didn’t wish to marry again but after 12 years single felt the need for someone to talk to, at nights especially. After many months of not wanting to join a dating website as one friend did I reluctantly joined a free one ( as I didn’t want to pay ) I had over 200 messages but none seemed my type so I deleted all but one where he explained his situation which was similar to mines and we met had lots in common and married in Gibraltar a year later…Two years on were very happy and so relaxed feel like we’ve been married a long time…glad I changed my mind about marrying again..would never do it again and still can’t believe I met my husband online..your right we have to take challenge ourselves and move out of our comfort zone to reach fulfilment


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