What you need to know about Online privacy

Several members here have said that they are concerned about their privicy on facebook and online so heres a few facts and what you can do.

This is not to scare you just to inform you what is happening and what steps you can take to reduce the risks.

So what privacy have you got?

If you use the internet Gmail, Facebook or apps then Basically you have none.

The internet is conected to everything now and they know everything about you.

First off. Facebook. Facebook is a social media site we all love and use but they use tracking programs and systems to gather and share info about you. Yes there are laws but Facebook sells info to ad agencies. Companies can learn from facebook what you like where you go and so much more info from you so as they can then target promotions specifically toward your interests and habits.

There is also “Re targeting” This is used by most online businesses now. Have you ever been looking online somewhere at say some new shows and for days after you keep seeing ads pop up about new shows . Thats re targeting and is an easy program that almost anyone online can get acces to so as to keep sending related products to that person.

Most emails have local tracking for gps and map functions so your email provider knows where you are and even what shops you may visit.

Your mobile.

Most mobile phones have Location services in settings. This shares your location with apps that you have downloaded and the mobile company you are signed up with. there is a way to turn off all these settings see video below.

Mobile phones also have a setting called “Phone analytics that if not turned off will gather info from your locations and what you look at online anywhere at any time.

Your phones camera and mic can be turned on at ANYTIME even when you are asleep in bed.

When you download a new app on your mobile you seen agree to terms that most of us never read, This says that you allow access to your phones camera and mic, needed for some apps to work. So at anytime your camera can be activated even when you are not using you phone.

Personally i always turn my camera face down when i am now using it at home.

Think about siri, and Aleza these work from just your voice so the mic is listening all the time.

There was a documentary on netflix with a retired fbi agent who said that the fbi and cia have massive storage warehouses that store info gathered from mobile phones and that these agencies can listen and record any phone conversation anywhere in the world and store it for later cross checking.

This is not new, its been out for years and started off as a defence system. but who knows who has access to all this info now.

When we shop even if its not online, we give out so much info all the time. our names address age telephone numbers and so much more.

Its not all bad.

Most of these things are helpful and although we hear scams and some people getting “hacked” security now is much better and hacking is very hard to do now with all the new banking security and its getting better.

We all use the internet and most of us can live without it now so just take some basic precautions and educate yourself to what you should be doing and how to change some of your privacy settings.

If you really dont want “THEM” to know all about you DONT USE THE INTERNET EVER AGAIN.

Other than that just be sencible and change some of your settings now.

This video below shows how.

It this has been helpful please leave a comment thanks.

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