David Chats With Alejandro

All the latest on residencia, tax and brexit.

David Chats with the British Consulate in Almeria.

I have been friends with Alejandro for almost 17 years and Alejandros company helped me set up all my accounts tax and residencia here when i first moved here and he advises me on any questions i have regarding Spain.

Here Alejandro tells whats new, what you need when moving to Spain and the latest on Residencia .

Alejandros company helps people with tax, residencia and all other requirements when moving to Spain.

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Or go here to listen..


You can contact Alejandro CLICK here…

There are 3 more very important video interviews i did with him all free to watch here…


Davids Books out on Amazon and kindle all about living and working in Spain.

David on the BBC News.

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