Do You Like What You Have Now?

If Not Change It

Today when you get up and start reading this post have a look around you. Have a look at what you have, the car you drive, where you live and who you live with. Are you happy with everything you see?

If not, well its your fault, ……YOU have chosen this life, the place you live and even who you are living with and the the amount of money you now have in your bank.

These are awful and hard times at the moment with the virus and the rules we have to follow but if your struggling then its really mostly your own fault.

Wow that sounds hard right? it is, but its true.

In 2008 there was the world financial crisis that hit us all and i personally lost 80k and my house here in Spain. “IT WAS MY FAULT” not anyone elses .

I had bought a bigger new house here and pushed myself to the limit with the mortgage and at a time when work for me was strained. Work dropped off fast once the financial crisis started and i ended up having to sell the house at a great loss just to pay off the mortgage. Struggles and hard times for me for several years here back then.

It was me that decided to buy that bigger new house and it was me that went to the bank and me that signed all the papers. It was a wrong choice at that time but it was me that made it.

“We are to captains of our own ship”

Its easy to blame others and changing times for the problems in our lives but at the end of the day its the choices we make daily that govern how we will live in the future.

“You are so lucky you have a nice big house in Spain” I hear this a lot now. I am building my dream house here in Spain and its been a dream of mine fore many years.

“ITS NOT LUCK” I made better choices i worked smarter and took risks to get what i have today. I got up at 6am most mornings and worked till 10 pm at night when others were watching tv at home. I spent months planning and researching and gathering info, I did some crazy hard jobs at low wages. i made hard cold decisions to get to where i am now and who i am living with and the people in my life.

There are so many people who are not happy with their lives at this moment in time and you can see this in the facebook posts.

I would not say its been hard to stay in for the last few months as i have been busy on my dream “house build“and have room and grounds here to move around. Again “Lucky me” well just a few years ago i was in an 3 bed 3rd floor apartment with a small balcony and that would have been hard to stay there in this crisis.

Was it really LUCK that i decided to retrain myself and get a better job and move out of that apartment. Was it really luck that made me work longer and harder at things i hated at times to get the money to buy that land to build this house?

Was it luck that i started laying bricks at 6am in the mornings 2 hours before most other workers arrived for work. I have laid 10554 bricks so far to build my house and thats just the house not the walls or bricks in the garden, i have stopped counting once the house was built. I laid every one brick on my own from the ground to the chimney, with the help from my wife mixing the cement.

I understand that people are struggling now and loosing their jobs and businesses but i have also been through this in the past and others will go through this again in the future even after this virus is controlled.

The choices we make now today and the actions we take will decide how we will live tomorrow.

Change is easy. The moment you realize your not happy with your life and that YOU control your life and you start to take action is the moment things will start to change for the better.

I personally know Brits who moved to spain and started small businesses here and are finding it hard. But most of these will survive and heres why.

These people survived in the UK and got over their problems and moved to Spain. this in its self can be a big hurdle.

If you have struggled to have a good life in the UK then you will struggle here in Spain.

If you could not make it work in the UK then theres a good chance you wont make it work here in Spain.

If you are moving to Spain for a better way of life then thats all down to the effort you put in now.

There is no limit to what you can have or do except the limit you put on yourself.

We all have hurdles to get over and at times these may seem impossible but there is always a way if you keep looking.

Moving to Spain is hard at the moment and may well be even harder in the near future but not Impossible. How much do you really want it?

If you want it enough then anything is possible.

We have a group, a blog, youtube channel and podcast show all packed with tips and advice on ways that can help you get what you want but at the end of the day its all down to you and what you are doing about it.

Now stop complaining and go get that dream life you want.

It is a better way of life in Spain and It is a healthier and cheaper here and it is Safer here so what are you waiting for….

Was i a little too hard? Or did i just speak the truth?

What are you doing to get what you want comment below and make it real…

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  1. I agree with you 100% I’ve always believed that if people are truly honest with themselves they’ll realise that a lot of their problems are based on their own choices and can’t be blamed on anyone because when someone gives you good advice you can choose to take it or go for the easy option which is what a lot of people do or they only follow part of the advice then when it doesn’t work out they blame others but when you break it down they have left out a lot of the vitals as it’s easier to blame someone else. I’ve always believed that your hard work will pay of and you will only really be happy when you get what you have put your heart and soul in to. You speak from the heart and are a true inspiration to others. Before I came to Spain I bought the book about moving to Spain and read it thoroughly 17 years ago but today everyone wants someone else to do their research for them so they can put in as little effort as possible and enjoy the benefits but unless you know all the pit falls from your own research theirs always going to be something unexpected waiting around the corner and if your not expecting it then that’s when problems arises. Keep up the good work and thank you. Your info would have been so helpful when I was thinking of moving to Spain back then.


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