We are allowed Out Now.

The key measures for Phase One  as follows: Monday 11th May.

These new rules are subject to change at any time and areas may differ so follow us here for latest updates.

I have included a LIVE Map at end of this post what shows areas included check yours now…

Here are the Rules

  • Up to 10 people can meet for social gatherings, either outside or in someone’s home (also at restaurant and bar terraces – see below), but social distancing measures must be respected between people who do not already live together
  • Small businesses will be able to open and serve customers, as long as health and social distancing measures are in place
  • Restaurants, bars and cafés can open their outside terraces at 50% capacity
  • Hotels and tourist accommodation can open, but communal areas must remain closed
  • Places of worship can open at 30% capacity
  • Non-professional sports are allowed for activities not involving physical contact or use of changing room facilities
  • Outdoor markets can operate but the stalls must be set out with spacing between
  • Cultural events for up to 30 people can be held indoors at 30% of the venue’s capacity
  • Cultural events for up to 200 people can be held outdoors
  • Museums can open at 30% capacity
  • Funerals can be held with ‘limited numbers’ of mourners
  • Timetables for taking walks and doing physical exercise remain in place, although the regions will adapt them according to factors such as hot weather – as well as the opening hours of establishments
  • Rural tourism (possibly forest walks and trekking) is also permitted during this period, yet it should be in limited groups and with the same social distancing measures for people who do not live together
  • It is still compulsory to wear face masks on all public transport in Spain, whatever phase the region or province is in
  • The BOE also recommends that people continue to work from home where possible. If at a workplace, there should be a distance of two metres between employees. Arriving and leaving should be staggered.

Please also note:

  • The official measures are that citizens must not travel from province to province, but travel within a province or healthcare zone is allowed. [We are waiting to verify that you will be allowed to travel from province to province in the Basque Country]
  • Whilst travelling within a province, people will be allowed to travel in a private vehicle with other people they live with and without restrictions. Vehicles (with the capacity) will be permitted to be occupied by up to nine people. 
  • However, If the occupants of a vehicle do not live together, a limit of one person in each row of seats applies, and they will have to wear face masks.
  • We understand that journeys in private vehicles within a province can be made for any of the activities permitted above (ie, they do not need to be only for essential items)
  • journeys to second residences and hotels are also allowed, providing they are in the same province. If they are in a different province, trips will not be allowed until towards the end of June.
  • The map below shows what areas this will include check to see if thats your area here..
  • https://www.lavozdegalicia.es/noticia/sociedad/2020/05/08/provincias-pasan-lunes-fase-1/00031588958472971948163.htm
    • If this has been informative to you please leave a comment..
    • Remember the 4 PHASES HERE

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  1. Very informative. Thank you. I am a recovering survivor of the virus, after over 3 weeks in Motril hospital and I want to pay tribute to the expertise and professionalism of all the staff and the Spanish National Health Service. Impeccable!


    1. Thanks don I would be interested in your story would you like to appear on a podcast or my blog to chat for 15 mins about how it went for you just pm my or call me if you are thanks and hope you have continued good health.


    2. Morning Don
      I am reaching out to my new and long standing members.
      I have started a new website dedicated to members who really want to live and work in Spain.
      Loads of new benefits
      I will NOT be sharing my info in the Facebook groups anymore, it will now all be on my new site.
      No spam. no adverts, just all my new information and help plus personal help from my Experts.
      I want to give more value and more of my time to my members who have been with me some time or who really want this info and advice. I will be providing so much more in the coming weeks and want to give over the top value to my new members. I have so many new ideas coming to this group very soon.
      I hope you can come join us as its where I will be uploading all my new content from now on.
      I will be offering more personal help to my members see my new site here
      Regards David Wright


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