How To Go Self Employed In Spain

Becoming autónomo in Hacienda’s eyes

Although you can now do the process online, you will find it less complicated to go  to Hacienda’s office.

Personally I would always recommend going to a lawyer first and telling them just what you want and get them to arrange it all. This is something that you need to get right first time.

Once you are there, the civil servant will fill out paperwork for you and it doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to finish the process .

There are two simple steps to become an autónomo in Hacienda

Getting an appointment (Cita Previa) and signing up for IAE.

1) Getting the appointment: Cita Previa.

  • First they’ll ask you for identification – Identificación– NIE number – IE: X-1234567-D
  • Family Name – Primer Apellido (Spaniards have two)
  • Then they’ll ask you to select a procedure – Selección Procedimiento. You’ll have to choose the option of Economic Activity Tax or Impuesto de Actividades Económicas (IAE),
  • first by clicking on: Gestión Censal y acreditación certificado digital; and then: 036/037. IAE. NIF. Etiquetas y cambio de domicilio.
  • Now you have to choose your area – Selección Zona. You only need to enter your ZIP Code number (5 digit code. For example, Madrid’s zip code is 28XXX).
  • Finally, confirm your appointment! To set up your appointment with Hacienda, you’ll have to follow three more easy steps: – Select a date – Selección Fecha
  • Select a time – Selección Horario
  • Click on: Confirmation – Confirmación

2) Signing up in Hacienda for Impuesto de Actividades Economicas (IAE)

Signing up for IAE.

 You just need to show up with your ID and tell the civil servant that you want to become an autónomo. During this step, you are letting Hacienda know that you would like to register as a freelancer by filling out Modelo 036 / 037.

The funcionario or civil servant will ask you two questions: when you would like to start your activity and what service you are going to offer. Then, he or she will provide you with an “Activity Code” (each profession has a category or code). If your Spanish is good enough, we suggest asking for specific information regarding your activity—IVA, specific retention, etc.

Here are the documents you must bring:

  1. NIE Document.
  2. Social Security Number.
  3. Bank Account Number.

Always a good idea to take your passport as well.

Davids Tip

Remember that if you go self employed in Spain you will not need to show proof of earnings to get residencia or health cover and once self employed you and any members of your family that live with you will be included in your health cover. That means you and all your family will get free health cover once you start paying your self employed monthly payments and you can now start these payments off at a very reduced rate for the first 2 years so well worth looking into.

Below David speaks to the British consulate on working in Spain/ there are 3 important videos here all about papers you need watch for free here….

Teaching Jobs in Spain take a look here….

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