It Will Never Be Normal Again

Last night Spains prime minister announced new Proposed lifting of some restrictions that are intended to get Spain “back to normal“. But do we really want normal anymore?

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Back To Normal

We all want desperately for things to get back to Normal…OR DO WE?

Do we really want to get back to that same way of life? Do we really want to follow the same old routines?

Maybe this is a great time and opportunity to change they way we live.

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We have seen pollution in towns and cities drop to record lows and rivers and channels run with cleaner waters then they have for many years. Our impact, or lake of it over the last few months, has allowed our planet to heal itself some and will continue to improve if we help it do so.

Many people have been working from home over the last few months and this was once thought to be not possible or practicable. We have adapted to essential travel and this has made us think more about our movements, maybe we could continue thinking this way to reduce carbon emissions and traffic pollution.

Going to a work place to exchange your precious time for money may be an out dated way of life.

We have shown that we can adapt fast when we have to. Maybe we should look for new ways to work and new ways to enjoy our friends and family.

Yes we still need to work and go to jobs but this is a great time to really think about what we feel is important in our lives and how we spend our precious time with family and friends.

There are many people that were fed up with their lives in the UK and wanted to move to Spain and had plans and still have plans to move to Spain soon. These people were most likely already feeling this way long before the virus put their plans on hold.

There will now be a massive explosion of others thinking this way as they have had time to reflect on the way they live and see that the comfortable way of life they had was not really that comfortable or fulfilling.

Many are reluctant to change and most dont like change, many will not change but change is good, Life is an adventure and we must embrace the changes we are going through now.

Lets NOT return to“Normal” Lets make things better. Better for us our planet and the way we all live.

Spain is making big changes now and in time things will return to a some what normal way of life.

Are you going to return to the way you lived or are you going to take advantage of these new times and make big changes in your life.

What changes are you going to make this coming year?

comment below. once you write it down it becomes real its on paper so its real and you will start to attract those things into your life. try it…

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