Keep the Dream Alive

Dont be disillusioned with Spain or whats going on in the world at the moment, dont let others put you off YOUR Dream, its Your dream not theirs..

The lock down restrictions are being lifted slowly now in Spain but it seems like some are beginning to question the idea of moving to Spain.

Is it worth it though? Maybe forget the dream and just stay in the UK.

IT is VERY important at these times to keep your mind FULL of positive content to help you stay on track….

There are a few things we can focus more on where we are going and how we will live once we are able to continue with our lives.

So maybe your thinking to forget the move to Spain and stay in the UK.

Well remember that dream you had of Moving to Spain?

Remember why you started to think that way in the first place? All those reasons why you wanted out of the UK and wanted to find a better way of life…Well all those things will still be the same if you stay in the UK and abandon your dreams. The return to normal will mean the return of most of those reasons that got you thinking that way in the first place.

But theres no work for Brits in Spain

REALLY well just this week another one of our members got a contract job here for a Spanish firm and his Spanish is very basic. how? listen here..

You will still be fed up with your work the weather and the rat race that will resume in the UK once things return to normal. It may be a lot longer for anywhere to return to normal

If you were not happy with that way of life back then why would it change now.

Abandoning a dream or goal is always soul destroying and heres why.

To go back, turn around or abandon anything means your not going to complete it or see what great benefits could of been obtained. Not knowing the outcome will always plant that seed in your mind of “What if”.

There are obstacles in life and hurdles to get over that often appear from out of nowhere but this should never stop you from dreaming or pursuing your dreams. You may be closer than you think to your dream life.

Its much easier to stop. to go back to a road that you know and feel comfortable taking but that only leads to where you have been.

We all like to feel comfortable and safe but to have a better way of life and to for-fill your dreams you have to take some calculated risks and chances.

” If you want what most have Not got you have to do what Most Wont do”

Things are getting better in Spain and there is light at the end of the tunnel now and the virus numbers are gettinmuch lower now, very soon things will start to return to a more normal way of life and in time, maybe slowly but surely the Spanish way of life will return.

It will be a new world out there and a new start for all of us so where do you want to be.

Dont stop dreaming and never go backwards. An abandoned dream is an experience lost for ever.

When your on your death bed will you be able to say ” I am so glad i did that” OR will you be saying

” I wish i had could have done that”

Fill your mind with Positive content that will keep your dream alive have a listen to what its really like in Spain below….. Have a listen to our new podcast show below there are some great tips there…

The weather will get better and the virus will die off. just dont let your dreams die with it.

See our info page here

Help me help others with their dreams

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