The other side of Spain

Heres a quick story about how I got to see and experience 2 sides of Spanish way of life.

About 15 years ago after i had been in Spain for about 2 years, i had a day trip to a small village right on the beach called Agua amargar. This is a very small fishing village with lovely beach and small village square next to the beach.

Below is that village square.

One Saturday after spending the morning on the beach there, We walked passed the village square and there was a long table set up for lunch with about 15 Spanish people all drinking and chatting with waiters all around them. Looking at them I said to my then wife. ” wow look at that, they really know how to enjoy life”. all enjoying a meal together. it was just what we wanted and made me feel great that i was now living in Spain full time.

Fast forward several years and I found myself back at this same village but this time i was with a group of my Spanish friends who were all part of the climbing club that i was in. There was 12 of us and we had just been climbing some cliffs along the coast and the guide said lets go for lunch.

We arrived at the same village square and the leader of the climbing club went in to the bar and came out with the owner and a few waiters who started to pull out tables and chairs for us.

They laid out one long row of tables right in the middle of the square and we sat down. Drinks and food started to come out and we all started chatting and enjoying the meal in the square under the trees in the warm sun.

I looked up and saw a young British couple walking by with a baby in a push chair. I could tell they were british as they had that nice red sun burned legs thing going on…lol..

Most of my group were all chatting to each other but as the couple passed me i heard the guy say to the girl, “Wow the spanish really know how to live” At that time i remembered back all those years when i was in their position thinking the exact same thing and now there is was living the life that i wanted all those years ago when i saw the spanish doing what i wanted.

Its not about the money or what you can earn here or what you have here. Its all about the way you live here and it can be amazing.

Living in the UK i earned way more money had a better car and all the buy toys but here in that village square with my friends having a meal and a chat was one of the best days of my life and it cost a fraction of what it would of cost if i tried to do it in the uk.

Whats your best experience in Spain so far or what do you love doing here that you cant do in the UK the same way.

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