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I have just spoken to my good friend Alejandro, who as most of you know was my accountant here and is also the Honorary British Consulate here in Almeria.

I asked him about the new laws for working here and this is what he gave me to share with my members.

If your self employed heres some good news..

The Government has created an Extraordinary Benefit for Cessation of Activity.

This benefit aims to guarantee an income to all those professionals who have had to stop their activity or who are registering heavy losses in order that they are not forced to close their business. In addition, they will not have to pay the self-employed fee (cuota autonoma) during the period of the State of Alarm from the moment that this benefit is authorised.

Who can apply?
The decree establishes that all of those self-employed who have had to stop their activity due to the declaration of the State of Alarm on March 14 can apply for this extraordinary benefit. It is also available for those who have suffered a decrease of at least 75% of their income in the month prior to which the benefit is requested. This is from March 1 to March 31, compared to the average billing from the previous semester.

Should we unsubscribe from Social Security? (darse de baja)
No. It is an essential condition that the worker is affiliated and registered with the Social Security and the Treasury. The worker must be up-to-date in the payment of the contributions. BUT, if they do not meet this requirement on the date on which the activity ceased or when their invoicing was reduced, , they will be invited to pay their debts within a non-extendable period of 30 calendar days to bring them up to date.

How much is paid?
The benefit is equivalent to 70% of the regulatory base. If the minimum contribution period of 12 months cannot be credited, it will be 70% of the minimum base. The RB is fixed at 944.40 euros for 2020 so it would therefore be 661 euros.

How long is it valid?
The law currently states that the extraordinary benefit is valid for one month from the date of the declaration of the State of Alarm. It could be extended depending on how the situation evolves.

Your accountant should be able to assist you with this call yours now.


This is a comprehensive list of those establishments that are allowed to continue operating.

1) Previous activities as listed in the original decree of 14 March in articles 10.1, 10.4, 14.4, 16, 17 and 18
2) Production and distribution of foods, drinks, animal foods, hygienic products, medicines, sanitary products or any necessary product for protection of health
3) Catering and restaurants that provide home deliveries
4) Production and distribution of technology used in health, medical material, protective equipment and other medical providers/suppliers
5) Industrial manufacture essential for the continuation of supplies, equipment and necessary materials
6) Transport services – public and merchandise transport and those who are approved to provide the means to maintain these services
7) Prisons, civil protection, maritime safety & security, fire fighters, safety & security of mines, traffic and roads. Additionally private companies that provide transport of safety & security, alarm companies, vigilance and those who carry out these security services
8) Essential support of maintenance of materials and equipment for the armed forces
9) Health centres, establishments and services and those who assist the elderly, minors, dependents or incapacitated and companies and centres of investigation into the COVID-19 and suppliers of necessary products to them and funeral services
10) Centres, services and establishments for the attention and care of animal health (vets)
11) Private and public press and communication services involved in the creation and distribution of information
12) Financial services to include banking, insurance and investment, indispensable services, payments and financial markets
13) Essential telecommunications, audiovisual and IT services, networks, installation and essential maintenance of such
14) Services connected to the protection and victims of domestic violence
15) Solicitors, court officials, interpreters and psychologists who assist in legal processes
16) Providers of services in offices and legal assessors, administrative gestorĂ­as and related services such as employment risk assessment in urgent cases
17) Notaries and Registries
18) Cleaning services, maintenance, urgent repairs and security, collectors of hazardous waste, urban solid waste (dangerous and non dangerous), collection and treatment of waste water, decontamination, transport and removal of by-products in the public sector
19) Centres for refugees and the temporary stay of immigrants serving under the law of International and Humanitarian Protection
20) Supply, purification, conduction and safety to health of drinking water
21) Provision of weather forecasts, observation, maintenance and control of such
22) Universal postal services – collection, receipt, transport, classification, distribution and delivery
23) Import and supply of all sanitary(health) materials, logistics, transport, storage, transit in customs
24) Distribution and delivery of products bought online
25) All other services deemed to be essential

Remember guys that some local Police are still not sure on these rules and are checking cars and workers and are issuing fines for what they seem none essential so if in doubt stay at home.

Stay home and stay safe

I hope my info has been of interest to you. Please take a minute and leave a comment thank you.

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