How to sell your place fast.

OK so your dream to move to Spain is on hold.

But there are things that you can do to get things moving even now in these difficult and stressful times under lock down or waiting for paperwork to come through,

If you have your property up for sale then things are pretty much on hold. But they dont need to be.

Heres a tip that worked for me several years ago. and i have done it again just a few years ago.

I had an apartment here up for sale and the agent was not getting much interest. Heres what i did.

I opened a facebook page on my profile and promoted the apartment there and got about 15 viewings in one month as well as many phone enquiries.

Heres how to do it right.

Open your Facebook personal profile and at the top click on Create and create a page.

Now heres the important part.

Name the page and everything you ever upload to it the same. Like this.. say you have a property in A town called Aguadulce like my place was. name the photos, page and just about everything that name. or phrase with that in it. My appartment was in Aguadulce so i called the page “piso en aguadulce” this means apartment in Aguadulce. see here…

I also opened a youtube channel and called it the same name.

Then i took loads of photos and uploaded them to the new page and each time naming all new photos the same as the page. Also the videos i took i uploaded to the youtube channel first then copied the link and then posted the videos on my page.

All this is free and easy to do, it just sometimes takes time but the more you do it the faster you get at it.

This naming everything helps SEO and rankings of each photo and your new page.

Then after you have the page set up just copy that url link to the page and post if everywhere you can . other facebook groups and all social media groups.

Below are a few i use.

Also make a short text promoting your property and get it translated into Spanish. use google translate its free. then post this on all Spanish sites as well and English sites and also the link to your new page.

The more you post to your new page the faster it will rank and the more people will see it.

Now dont do this on your profile as its against facebook rules. you need to do it on a facebook page/ If you dont know how to do any of these things then google it and learn.

Guys you only need one person to buy and if they buy through your effort you get all the money.

It only takes a moment to take a photo of your property and upload it and the more you take the more content your page and videos have so this all helps to promote it on the internet.

Now go give it a try.

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