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Last night i talked to my friend here Alejandro who as many know is also the Honorary Bitish Consulate here in Almeria and here are some tips and news that he has given me to share with my members. More news and tips will be posted here over the coming days as i receive them from him.

I want to provide The latest news to my members from a valuable source.

COVID-19 CRISIS TIP   Driving Licenses

The DGT has announced the closure of all local and provincial Trafico offices.  Therefore you can’t exchange or renew your license.  For those who have a license about to expire, you will be granted extra time equivalent to the lockdown period to do this.  If you need to exchange your license for a Spanish-issued license, please contact us directly for more information.

If you receive a fine, this can be paid online using a card.. https://sede.dgt.gob.es/es/multas/paga-tu-multa/


Keeping with the road theme from the previous tip, please be advised that the government has ordered the closure of all ITV stations nationwide.  If the ITV on your car is due during the lockdown period, you will receive a grace period equivalent to the time under quarantine.  You can still legally drive your vehicle during this period.  However, you MUST book an appointment as soon as possible once the stations and appointment procedure re-opens. 

This is the link for Andalucia  https://www.itvcita.com/mantenimiento/aviso.html

COVID -19 CRISIS Tip   How many in a car

There have been a lot of posts and a lot of discussion over how many people may travel in a car during the quarantine period.  The general rule is 1 person ONLY. 

HOWEVER, there are exceptions to this rule under circumstances…

  1. If you are a single parent with a dependent child (under 8yrs), you make take the child with you
  2. If you are accompanying a disabled person who is unable to drive themselves, you may drive them.
  3. If you are collecting someone from the airport (eg) to facilitate their return to their registered place of habitual residence (ie home), you may do so but you MUST carry with you proof of their flight and ideally copy of their boarding card as proof that this is a necessary journey.
  4. If you are travelling back to your habitual place or country of residence

COVID -19 CRISIS TIP   When can I travel?

This is a total lockdown period.  There are strict regulations as to when and where you may travel….remember 1 person only!

Food / Essential goods Shopping (inc but not limited to food, pharmaceuticals, gas)

Travel to / from work.   Your employer should provide authorization of this.  If self employed and you must travel, we recommend carrying your autonomo documents etc with you

Attending essential health appointments

Returning to your habitual place of residence

Caring for the elderly, minors, dependents, disabled or vulnerable people

To attend banking or insurance offices for essential reasons

For extreme or emergency reasons not previously detailed


Please do not go to your medical/health centre/hospital unless you absolutely have to.

If you are able, please sign up for the app Salud Responde.  This app will allow you to request a telephone appointment with your GP.  You can also request repeat prescritions.  Many regions have already said that if you have a continual prescription, it will automatically be renewed for 6 months. 

Many town have published a “banda” detailing who to contact, when and how as well as their procedures for blood tests etc  

You can also call Salud Responde on 955 54 50 60

There is also a Coronavirus pre-diagnosis triage section on their app.


Please be advised that all Extranjeria (Foreigners) Offices are closed and all services temporarily suspended.   If you have an appointment booked during the Quarentine period, it is cancelled and you or your representative should be advised of a new date.   If you have an appointment booked for a future date, please keep in touch with your representative or check online if you booked it yourself. 

If you have not yet applied for residency, you still have time.  If you would like us to help, please contact us through Davids info page top of his group and we can get everything in place ready for when the appointment procedure reopens.   We have had no word yet as to whether the time limit of 31 December will be extended but do not expect it to be, at this time.

COVID-19 CRISIS TIP Borders and International Travel

Be aware that the EU has closed its external borders.  We do not know how long this closure will last.

Spanish borders are closed to all but essential traffic.  This includes, transportation of merchandise, cross-border workers and those returning to the place of habitual residence.

Ferries are currently suspended from all Spanish ports (except for repatriation).

National flights, including those between the mainland and Canary Island, are currently suspended.

International flights are still operative at the time of writing although again mainly for repatriation.

If you are planning to drive through France, it is recommended  that you complete aform requested by the French Govt.  Please contact us for a copy….


As you should be aware by now, most, if not all supermarkets are employing safety measure to protect staff and customers alike.  Please go alone and once a week where at all possible. 

Your business in Spain & self employed

In the event of mandatory closure of the business, it is necessary to carry out a temporary employment regulation (ERTE) by force majeure which must be approved by the Labour Authority and will have retroactive effects so that you
will not have to pay wages and contributions to the social security for your workers (except companies of more than 50 workers) from the time when the business had to be closed. During this period of time, the Administration is
responsible for payment to the workers while their contracts are suspended (70%).

If your case is related to lack of supplies, restrictions on customer mobility or infection, the ERTE for force majeure may also be requested, but in this case it would be
necessary to provide a lot more information, supporting documents so that the Authority approves it.

If you are not within the scenarios described by the Royal Decree for the compulsory closure, an ERTE could still be requested under economic, technical, organisational and/or production reasons. In this situation, the requirements needed, will be more stringent. Also in this scenario, there will not be any retrospective effects and the company will need to pay the Social Security that the companies pay for their workers (seguros sociales).
The procedure will require the setting up of a commission to represent the workers and to carry out a period of consultation with them.
Today ́s Royal decree has only shortened the period of time.

It is important to keep in mind that the extraordinary measures carried out in the Royal Decree are subject to a commitment from the employer to maintain the employment
for the following six months after resumption of the activity.

It also indicates that companies will establish organisational systems to maintain their activity implementing alternative mechanisms, especially remote work, if possible.
The schedule may be adapted for workers who can prove that they need to look after a spouse, a civil partner, or family members up to second grade (age 7-8) as a direct result of the COVID-19. An agreement between company and worker will need to be reached.
They would also be entitled to a reduction of the working hours for these reasons with the consequent reduction of the wages.
A special benefit for the self-employed is also published for the cessation of their activity during the period of the State of Alarm, not accumulative to other benefits of the social security system. However, the regulation of this section is quite short and we are awaiting a clarifying note from the General Treasury of Social Security.
for more info you can contact Alejandro here ags@gruposalvador.es

More tips and news will be posted here in the next few days please check back later.

If this has been helpful please leave a comment in the group thanks.


  1. If you are planning to drive through France, it is recommended that you complete aform requested by the French Govt. Please contact us for a copy….Is that a French attestation or different form?


  2. Hi wondered if you have any info on Residencia that has not been renewed mine ran out in 2009 and I was told I didn’t need to renew it which I believed. I was widowed and recently got married again in 2018 my husband has got his Residencia ( Regimen Comunitario ) and changed his driving license last year. When I inquired about my Resident card was told I will need to renew mines but need to wait til the TIE comes in to force. We’re now in lockdown with my mum in the uk and we would like to return to Spain in July but I’m worried in case I’m refused entry and if I’m let in and my mother is ill will I be able to return to the uk to see her as I am her next of kin. Thanks


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