One On One

“One On One Chat” Is a New way for our members here to chat live with other members who are living in Spain to ask them questions about life in Spain. Get tips and advice from them about all aspects of real life in Spain.

Connect with members who are in areas that you are interested in and learn more from them about what that area is really like so as you can make better decisions for your future once this virus is beaten.

How it Works

Look out for members who post the photo below or just “One On One” followed by their area. like this….”One On One Malaga” …. its that easy and simple.

or just this photo…


You can also just use your mic and mute the camera if your really ugly and dont want to show your face….lol

If your not very tech savvy, dont worry they will send you a link to join them.

Guys this is a great way to learn first hand tips about places you may want to live in from members who are there now. Get inside advice that could save you time and money .

We need to be more sociable than just texting now so live chats help stop us going insane.

So if your living in Spain, help other members by posting “One On One then the area and have a chat to them.

You can copy and past the photo i have created to help members know your up for it.

Heres the photo..

We are all in this together and can help each other through these times.

I encourage members to share their valuable info with others to help them follow their dreams.

Please comment what you think about my latest idea, will you be supporting me with this?

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