Video Chat groups

Whats it all about?

Lets get positive and start making the most of this time.

I have started 3 new chat groups for our members to join and start chatting in English and Spanish to help us all learn Spanish.

This Virus will get killed off its just time, so lets make the most of our time and learn some spanish.


OK so we have 3 groups for you to choose from….Basic, Intermediate and advanced.

It doesnt matter how much you know just join the one you think is right for you and go from there.


How to join.

We will start at different times and days and as often as the leaders of the groups wish for as long as they wish, its all very informal.

In the groups we will just chat about different daily topics and encourage others to join in. A bit like having a coffee or beer with your friends in a bar but here you bring your own drink. sorry no tapas.

i encourage leaders of the groups to try and make these groups very informal and relaxed and just open chat . Its all about learning some new words and phrases and building confidence to try on your own. I dont want these chats to be too much like classroom lessons as personally i feel thats boring and too strict.

Obviously paid classes in a classroom with real professional teachers are the way to go if you really want to learn well and fast but in my experience here over 17 years i feel just chatting with new people builds confidence and vocabulary just as fast.

My idea here is to help my members learn and improve their Spanish so as when we defeat this Virus we can get on with our dream to move and live in Spain.

Look out for the chat groups to post a link to join, then just click that link and chat, its as easy as that. Dont be scared we dont bite and this is going to push you and help you more than you know once you are living full time in Spain.

I hope you like my idea and will come join us.

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