How to sell any property fast

15th june 2022

Heres a tip that most wont think about that can help you sell your UK or Spanish property faster than just going through an agent.

This is what i personally do and it got be a buyer on an apartment here a few years back.

I still recommend using a good agent but this is a side line that you can do for free to help sell faster.

OK we all like facebook but many dont know that you can open and create a facebook page in minutes and use that page for free to sell your house. NOT your profile but a page there is a big difference.

Why you should do this

Millions or people now search online for properties and facebook uses retargeting. …”Retargeting” is when you go look at something online and days later you keep getting these ads pop up showing you similar stuff. Have you ever clicked on say a car or boat or shoes you like and then for days after your bombarded with ads or links showing you similar related products. This is retagargeting.

So if you can get enough pictures and videos out there the chances are that others will see them at some point. Its all a numbers game. This takes a little time but its all free and can be well worth it.

Heres how

On your profile page go to top menu bar and click create. then follow steps and create a page. here on this page you can sell anything you like.

Very important.. Name everything the same as the area or town you are selling in.


Say you are selling a house in Brighton England. Name that page “House for sale in Brighton

Name every video and picture you upload to the page the same…”House for sale in Brighton”

This helps SEO and rankings and also helps target your page to others looking for these key words when they search online.

You dont need to be a computer wiz here its easy, just name everything the same and each post that you upload place in the text somewhere that word phrase.

Once you have set up your page take loads of photos and videos, name them all the same, videos rank faster than pic then upload these one at a time to your page. as soon as you have a few pics there take the link thats in the top menus bar and go post it in other groups related to selling property and all places that you can think of twitter and all the other social media groups.

Remember to have a contact number on the page or email is best so people can get in touch with you.

Below is a page i did years ago thats still live that i sold an apartment here.

See what i mean…

When your sitting at your pc it only takes a few secs to upload a pic or video even a short video clip helps and then copy and past that page link everywhere you can think of.

This could get you a sale and you wont have to pay commission to an agent.

I would still get a good agent but this is a side line you can do to help push a sell faster.

How much do you really want to sell that place?

If this has been of interest please leave a comment thanks.

Money saving tips on buying in Spain…..

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