Davids car insurance Tip

Are you looking for the Best Car insurance in Spain? well read this. I can tell you how to get it reduced every year and 60 euros cash back.

I have been with a few Spanish car insurance companies here but for the last 12 years have been very happy with who I am with now because they give me a great deal and never haggle about my claims.

First off…. i have 2 cars and a motor bike all with the same company, Linea Directa and I have claimed 4 times and never had an increase in my payments. Last year i had a new windscreen as stone from a passing lorry broke it. Just 2 weeks later on the same car another stone broke that new windscreen and both times Linead Directa told me to take it to car glass in town and get it fixed.

No hassle at all and they even rang ahead and made the appointment for me. Also one of our cars is getting on a bit and i have called out a break down truck 3 times for break downs and a flat battery and they come straight away No charges.

This is how i get all my premiums down every year….

Just a few days before they are due i call the company and say that i have had a better cheaper quote from AXA car insurance, i was told by a spanish friend who worked for linea directa that they cant check AXA s deals online so what ever you say they cant see if its true. I tell t linea direc that i have been quoted around 30 euros cheaper than direct linea and would like to stay with Directa linea if they can help me with the price of my renewal. I also tell them that i would be happy to pay today with my new credit card.

Its important to say this as they think you have new details that they may not have for taking out the new payments and if you say help me they will try > dont demand anything ask them to help.

After they tell you that not all insurances are the same and they offer you more than most you just agree and say yes but can you match it? They put me on hold for about 2 mins then always come back with the same or slightly lower than what i told them. This works Every time and i do it for all my vehicles.

Yes some other companies are cheaper but i know that if i need a break down truck its always there and free and if i have a claim they will pay out no problems.

If you want a free quote and a 60 euro cash back then call this number below and tell them that your friend David Charles Wright sent you.. we both earn cash back then…902 325 325.

If this has been of interest to you please leave a comment .

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  1. Great tip mate.
    I chose not to go with Linea Directa as their tele sales were too aggressive and tried to bully me into taking the policy. That just works the opposite way for me 😊.

    But I may try you tip at my renewal.



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