British Expats In Spain Group

What is the purpose of this group?

Over 17 years ago now when I first made my move to Spain there was no groups like this, nowhere that had a FREE info Page on what papers you needed and how and where to get them all from. I had to spend a lot of money on solicitors and translators back then to help me get what i needed and it was still quite daunting and slow going with way my paper work than i ever though.

Once I was here i joined a British club that met up each week and I soon made many new friends and found out all about what it was really like living and working in Spain from people who had been through what i had.

These people were more than happy to share tips on what i needed to do once here and how and where to get things done like car ITV , thats the same as MOT, and tv, internet and phone set up along with many more things that are so very important to do quickly and correctly when setting up your new life in Spain.

All this info was of great value and i just wished i had meet these people before i moved to Spain so as i could have saved time, money and stress.

This is why I set up this group. To share tips and info with others thinking of doing the same.

There is one thing I think we do differently here though.

I encourage members to share their photos of their daily life here as much as possible and here is why…

Look some members may post about their dog or cat here in Spain, others about eating out or photos of them on the beach. Many just post amazing sun rise or sun set photos and even just pics of a lovely sunny day.

These all help others more than you think.

 We all latch onto, follow or like different people for different reasons and with nearly 5000 members here now you are bound to find a person here that is living a similar life that you are or that you intend to have in the near future, so by following them or just seeing their photos daily helps give you encouragement and  ideas on what you need and how you can have the same as them.

“If you want what others have, you need to do what others do”

Many times I have had members so i post to much about my life in Spain but that is the whole point.

Not boasting or bragging but showing photos of real daily life in Spain so as others can see what its like. Films and tv are great but seeing real people living real lives is always better.

I have had many members say that they have been influence and even brought forward their plans to move to Spain after seeing my posts here as they just needed that little push to get them working harder on their dream to move to Spain.

Just last week a member messaged me saying that they were so fed up of sitting in their office looking at the rain run down the windows that they had booked a long weekend to Spain just to look at properties with the intention of moving here in the next few years rather than their original plan of doing it once they retired.

See so even a few sunny beach pictures can help a person change their life for the better.

below my breakfast view.

when It Comes To Moving To Spain

I am not saying its right for everyone and that life in Spain is perfect but its a lot warmer, cheaper and sunny most days and a way more relaxed life than the uk. Plus theres not many days i see rain running down the windows here. Its rained here where i live, Almeria, 7 days this year. Yes i did say this year.

So guys now you know what this group is about and why its important to post your personal photos of where you are and what you get up to. There just might be a person still living in the cold, wet UK who’s sitting at their office desk right now looking at that photo of you sitting in the beach bar with your morning coffee looking out at the blue sky and calm sea and dreaming that one day they could do that.

Post away guys.

I have 2 books out now on Amazon and Kindle that have loads of great tips and advive that will save you time and money when moving to Spain see below.

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