How to get Residencia fast in Spain

There is so mush conflicting and confusing info about on just what you need to get residencia in Spain.

People are being quoted very different amounts and need to show proof of income that also differs from area to area.

As of last week i was told by the British consult here in Almeria that the recommended amount is 5500 in a bank in the UK or in Spain per person and you need proof of private health cover.

Some areas of Spain are charging more and have slightly different rules.

There is an other option that might be better for you.


Even if your not entending on working full time this might be the way for you and here is why….

If you go self employed in Spain you do NOT need to show any proof on income or have any amount of money in a bank.

You will also NOT need to have health cover and you will be fast tracked to residencia.

The self employed payments have been changed and you can now start off by paying just 50 a month for the first year and then 150 a month the second and then the full amount of around 300 after that. This also varies slightly in different areas.

Included in your monthly payments for self employed is full health cover for you and all your family members that live with you.

So for example you are married with 2 kids, then you will all get residencia here without all these questions and you will all be covered for health cover. none of you will need to show proof or money in any banks.

Imaging that you do it this way and after 1 a year you found work with a company that gave you a contract so you could stop paying these payments. also being self employed gives you a better chance of getting work here as the local authorities are very hot not on illegal workers.

Either way 50 a month or even 150 a month is way cheaper than having private health cover for all of your family and having to prove that you all have 5500 in a bank.

Get in touch with a recomended laywer here and ask for your self. I have a very good laywer that i recomend and all his details are on my info page top of the group.

Please leave a quick comment or like if this has been of interest to you and let us know how much you have been quoted.

If its really your dream to move to Spain then there is always a way even if you think its impossible you will find a way if you dont give up.

My 2 books are out now on Amazon packed with loads more money saving tips see here…

British expats in Spain

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