Is It Really A Better Way Of Life In Spain?

There are hundreds of people now seriously thinking of Moving To Spain but is it really a better way of life?

After 18 years living and working in Spain this is what i think, see if you can relate.

Many years ago when i worked in the uk as a carpenter i was earning really good money and had a nice 3 bed house and 2 holidays a year but there was something missing in my life.

My then wife and i both earned good money and didnt want for much and i had several hobbies that i tried to enjoy at the weekends.

Although we both earned good money we never really had quality time to enjoy what we really wanted to do or if we did it was for a very short time.

Weekends would come round and the famous British weather would mean that most weekends we would be confined to watching crappy repeats on tv or doing the B and Q run or garden centre trip. Then before you knew it its Monday again and the rat race starts all over. Working all week to just pay the bills on a house and 2 cars was getting us both down.

Not being able to enjoy my free time fishing or paragliding or riding my motorbike was so frustrating.

I was Watching older guys at my work, working hard just to reach retirement age so they could maybe be healthy enough to play golf when they wanted but many of these guys still had several years to go and that seemed miles away for me and even if i reached retirement age in good health would i really be able to do all the things i wanted as the weather would still dictate when i could enjoy the outdoors.

In my “booki explain in detail why and how we moved to Spain but moving forward 18 years now this is what life is like here for me.

Up until 2 years ago i was working here as a carpenter and builder and started at 9am and worked till 5pm 5 days a week. Even after work on week days the weather was nice enough to go to the beach most days till about 9pm.

Weekends i can ride my motorbike almost every weekend without worry of it raining. Here in Spain. we buy local foods from our weekly market thats not wrapped in plastic and grown locally. I eat loads of fresh fruit and veg now and feel much better for it.

I dont have to drive 1 hour to work in traffic and almost never sit in a traffic jam.

OK there are people who will say that the weather is not everything but for me it really is. Getting up most mornings to warm sun shine is so much better than pulling back the curtains and seeing rain run down the windows. It really does make you feel better.

Wages are lower here but then so are most of my bills and here , i have almost no stress and that alone will help me live longer.

I still love England and it will always be my birth country and i love a short trip there every 2 years but the way i look at it now is like this.

If you lived in a town in the UK that you didnt like much you would move, well i did the same just a bit farther away to warmer weather.

when It Comes To Moving To Spain
My breakfast view

I have friends still living in the uk who are earning great money, have nice cars and a big house but they also have a load of stress and when they visit me here they see the way i now live and some of them are thinking about doing the same as they are also fed up with their way of life in the uk.

Cheaper food and drinks lower bills in general and mostly warm sunny days all year….well yes i really do think its a better way of life in Spain.

Spain has the longest life expectancy in the world now see proof here

Are happier here in Spain?

My new books out now on Amazon see below….

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