Cost of building a pool in a Spain

Its full up with water now and ready to go.

So you want a pool in Spain but not sure what it costs. Well here’s a run down of what I have paid so far to build my pool.

So after long research I went with the concrete inground pool of 9m x 4m. 1.2m deep at shallow end and deep end 1.7m. I also designed the pool myself on my pc and added a swim up bar with seating at one end.

This week i am starting to tile the pool ready for the summer..

We have gone with light grey tiles as they make the pool water colour look lovely as in the video when it was just painted white last year so a light coloured tile makes the water that lovely colour.

In the video below the capping stones on the top edge of the pool were total 650 euros and the floor and side wall tiles where 600, the mosaic step tiles were 80 euros and the bar tiles were 120 euros.

I designed the pool myself and it will have corner curved steps at one end then at the deep end there will be a long under water seat made from tiles so it will be a swim up bar at the end. Later I will build a pool bar for parties so the seating in the water means about 5 people can sit at the bar in the pool just below the water level.

The pool has 3 underwater colour adjustable lights and 4 water jets. It will be finished in square pool tiles.


First there is the project license from the local authorities and the plans that you have to send in that need architect approval. This just to start costs 1500€.

Then 3 truck loads of projected concrete that’s done by a local company that have all the pumps and equipment. That’s 2500€.

There will be a pump house in the corner of garden to house pump and filters.

At the end of the pool will be a shower fixed to the wall and shower tray.

Total costs of complete job including all materials and labour charges is. 12,000€.

i was quoted 20k by 2 other companies best to shop around.

It would have been about 10k for a fiberglass mound pool but I feel that will not add as much value to the house as the Inground pool.

Time scale.

Well it’s only taken 2 weeks to get the pool built and concreated. We will edit now till after Christmas’s to finish tiling it and put on the caping stones.

Its now july and this week the guys plastered the pool with a special plaster in white so as we can fill it up and use it for a few months as its so hot here now . Later on in the year we will pick the tiles out and Finnish the pool off when its cooler. The price to fill it up with water from 2 tankers is around 320 euros. it costs more by doing it with your own tap as the charges rise fast after to pass a certain amount of water . Total water was around 50,000 litres. 

moving to Spain?…..then you need all the tips and advice that will save you time and money see here..

Click the photo below now.

British expats in Spain


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