How I lost 80k on a house sale in Spain.

Updated jan 2022

How I lost 80k on a house sale in Spain and I am glad I did what I did.

Theres no problem too big that you cant get over if you take enough action and dont give up looking for solutions.

I have made mistakes here along the way and this was a big one but all my choices and the only one to blame here was me.

We all have our own problems in life and most are what we have brought on ourslefs but its the choices you make in life that reduce these problems and stress and the choices we make help us get over anything.

This year is my 19th year living in Spain and now I am very happy with my new house build and my Spanish wife of 7 years.

About 3 years after I moved to Spain I sold my apartment here and bought a large 4 bed house with workshop to run my carpentry business here. At that time I was married to my first wife. Just 2 years after we moved into the new house with a big mortgage we decided that our 17 year marriage was not working and my wife moved back to the Uk. The big mortgage was now all mine and then a global crisis started and work dried up but the bank charges still kept coming in.

I struggled for 1 year with no real work and all alone here with big mortgage payments to meet. I had then 4 guys working for me and like other businesses here i had to let them go one by one.

After things got so bad and The bank started sending letters I decided to sell the house at a very reduced price just so as the bank would not repossess it and I would not be in debt. At this time of the crisis many of my British working friends also had the same problems and a few had just given the keys to the banks and moved back to the uk. I will say here that the banks did chase them for years after and did get payments so they had even more troubles when they were in the uk.

I found a loop hole in the banks system that said that i had the right to sell the house to the bank and that they should accept. This took some persuading but in the end they did buy it back at a stupid figure. In the end I lost over 80k. And ended up in a very small rental here.

If I had not taken the lose I would still be in debt and would not have been able to buy my last apartment or the land that I am now building my dream house on. It took me several years to get over this and it was very hard at times.

Life is full of choices and different paths we can follow so never look back and how ever bad you think things are there is always a way out if you look hard enough. I felt angry at the time that i had lost so much money that took me years to build up both in the uk and here in Spain, working long hard hours and the stress but it was difficult to predict a divorce and a crisis coming at the same time.

Time passes and life is for the risk takers. I sometimes think how handy that 80k would be now but when something’s not working out for me I cut loose and move forward. Its a lot of money but its just money theres always more to be made and the stress like that can make you ill or even kill you off early.

There is always a way to get what you want and there will always be obstacles in your path but if it’s worth having then it’s going to be hard but those who take action and never give up on their dreams are the ones who get to live out those dreams. Always dream big and go for it.

It took me a long time of working long hours here for low wages to build up a business again but it was easier the second time as i had the contacts and most of the competition had gone.

Now i have sold off the business and work every day on my dream house build, so lifes great again.

I Have seen many Brits here struggle and living in Spain has its down sides but if its really what you want you can overcome anything to get it.

I still encourage people to move to Spain even now at these times when they can travel so easily as i truly believe its a better way of life than in the Uk although i still love the uk, i just dont want to live in that rat race anymore.

Life has its obstacles we need to get over or around but if you dont take some risks in life your just live like most of the rest and blame everyone else for why your life is not great.

“If you want what others have you have to do what others do”

Now i am in the middle of building my dream 4 bedroom house in a lovely part of spain and it really is my dream house. its been hard at times but i am so glad i did take that chance and go for it.

There are so many people sitting in that old peoples home wishing that they had tried it and so few sitting on there terrace saying “I am so glad i did this” what one will you be?

“Its not about how many times you get knocked down but how many times you get back up”

Have you had hard times in Spain?

If it was easy everyone would do it.

dream big and just go for it.

If i can do it then so can anyone.

You can follow my dream house build here Davids HOUSE BUILD

below my new house almost finished.

I go into more detail and have tips on buying and selling in spain in my 2 books out on Amazon see below..

living and working in Spain see what its really like in my 4 new books out now on Amazon…


  1. Gracias, has conseguido hacerme cambiar mi opinión sobre los británicos residentes en España ( no me gusta decir Expatriados) que a decir verdad no era muy “cariñosa” , desde hoy os miraré con otros ojos. Un saludo.


  2. Hello David, new house looking absolutely amazing, pool looks great, bet you and your wife can’t wait to move in. Anyway, I was hoping to be over for Xmas with my 2 sisters whom have properties on Campasol, Murcia, eldest has lived there over 8 years and younger one has a holiday home, bought this year. I’m afraid finances are a bit tight at present, so I will leave it till early next spring and come over and view some properties and put my bungalow back here in Cuffley, Herts up for sale (again). Best wishes, Terry Nelson


    1. Good morning Terry
      am reaching out to my new and long standing members.
      I have started a new website dedicated to members who really want to live and work in Spain.
      Loads of new benefits
      I will NOT be sharing my info in the Facebook groups anymore, it will now all be on my new site.
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      I want to give more value and more of my time to my members who have been with me some time or who really want this info and advice. I will be providing so much more in the coming weeks and want to give over the top value to my new members. I have so many new ideas coming to this group very soon.
      I hope you can come join us as its where I will be uploading all my new content from now on.
      I will be offering more personal help to my members see my new site here
      Regards David Wright


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