Top Restaurants in Spain

Davids top Spanish Restaurants to try.

updated may 2022.

OK so most of you know i love my tapas here in Almeria especially when they are free but i also like to go to nice restaurants now and then as well.

If you love great food and dont mind paying a bit extra then here are a few i personally recommend From my travels around Spain.

First off is in my home town Almeria actually its just outside Almeria in Aguadulce called “Stilo Campo” it its also a tapas bar but I took 10 friends there for my birthday and if you book a table for dinner inside it has a minimum cover of 20 a head. The food is very well presented and each dish amazing. It you want to try the tapas first then sit out side and the tapas start from 2.50 a drink with a choice of tapas cooked to order. Book the table in the corner at the back and you get a private waiter just for your table.


The Maria Trifula on the main bridge in Sevilla with amazing views up and down the river.

This is a 5 star place and can be very pricey but it is the place to go in Sevilla and the food really is amazing. I paid 48 euros a head first time and a little more the second time when we ate there last summer. You need to book 1 week in advance to sit on the roof terrace but it is amazing up there. Eating downstairs inside is cheaper but go all out as the roof tables have amazing views. the fish is great but not cheap around 30 a head main plate. Roof terrace is the place to be.


If you love sea food then you must try Romerijo in Cadiz. its very popular with locals and has loads of seating. you go and pick out all the seafood you like then they cook it and bring it to your table. Its not cheap around 30 a head with drinks  but has every seafood you can think of. this is what i had there a few years back..


HOTEL HACIENDA MONTIJA Is a 4 star hotel and the restaurant there is famous. They have a famous resident chef who loves to come out and talk you through what he makes. the food is amazing as you can see below. Rooms from around 120 a night and the dinner menu is around 40 a head.

Below our starter. smoked salmon and caviar salad.


Amazing city and my second favourite place in Spain after Sevilla.

In the main square at the top left corner you will find. Pepe de la juderia a 5 star very smart place for evening dinner. This place has lots of small private areas and the building is very old and romantic. Prices around 50 a head small portions but very well presented and amazing service. order the house special desert and it comes with your name written in chocolate on the plate. You need to book this days in advanced as very popular with locals.




  1. I think it’s over the top categorising all Brits as picky as it’s simply not the case.
    We’ve been lucky enough to go all over the world for holiday and work and have always tried local food with some good and some bad experiences.
    Like all nations, people have their staple foods and their own individual comfort zones which I completely understand but I can’t understand why you would live in a new country but continue to shop in Iceland or only eat fish and chips when you are out.


  2. 18 years here in Spain and most that’s most of the Brits I see not all do mostly eat British foods here. That’s fine by me but as I say most Brits don’t like to try different foods.its a personal observation I have made and based if 18 years here


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