Spain Or England?

OK so here are the differences between Spain and England if you are still not sure about whether or not its right for you.

After moving here from Brighton in England 16 years ago heres what i know, for what its worth.

IN England i worked 45 hours a week as a carpenter and builder in all weathers, mostly wind and rain just to earn a basic wage to pay a big mortgage. Then come the weekends when i had time off the weather was bad again and so just sat i doors watching repeat tv till Monday, then sat in a traffic jam just to get back to the same all rat race to do the same old thing again. This went on for years with a few 2 week holidays thrown in if i was lucky.

Prices always going up and people moaning and miserable because all doing the same old thing. Saving for retirement that most will not make or will not have enough pension to enjoy as they wish.


I did work here the same hours when i first moved here. BUT after work the weather was warm and sunny so was able to go to the beach 4 times a week even in the winter for FREE tapas. Still have a mortgage but its smaller and i earn less now but everything is cheaper so i need less money. NO traffic jams ever. I dont watch much tv as i am always out with friends or doing things outside as the weather is mostly warm and sunny. No rate race here everyone seems to live a slower pace of life. I eat much healthier foods and feel happier. I now speak 2 languages and learning a 3rd. I have friends from many different countries and i speak to my neighbours who i know by name. Unlike the uk where i didnt even know my neighbours. There are things here i dont like though like the loads of paperwork you need for almost everything but a small price to pay for a better way of life.

My brother comes here several times a year for holidays and has seen my way of life here and now wants the same. He earns great money in the uK but has no time to spend it and is just saving for retirement that he will never reach if he continues living in the rate race as he is now. He now knows there is a better way and wants in.

England is a lovely place and will always be my place of birth and i love to visit there but would not want to live there or that way of life anymore.

Its not just the great weather though as most Brits here are happier and healthier here and feel safer here. They have a slower pace of life that means you enjoy life more. the cost of living here is cheaper and the people are friendlier and more outgoing than in the UK.

I have lived and worked in The UK and done well there but its like you have to always be working harder and earning more just to have the same. Here in Spain the last 16 years i have also worked hard and it was hard at first but my life here is so much better and i feel happy every day. Earn more money in the UK yes but you need so much more just to do the same things. Here in Spain its great value for money and you have time and the weather to enjoy what you earn.

Life is shorter than you think and if you are not really happy with the way that you are living then its never too late to change it. When you are dead its for a long time so enjoy life now.

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