“Make money online”

OK, so we have all seen these posts online and even in this group, promising loads of money and so easy that anyone can get rich fast.

After working full time online for several years and making a full time income online, heres what i have learned.

First ..Most online offers are some sort of pyramid system or scam where only the first ones in or the top leaders make any real money. They normally ask you to invest a few hundred to get started and then you have to promote their system or product to other people to earn a very small commission.

Most systems are a pyramid but then so is life. We all start work at the bottom and build up to being manager or boss and most jobs are a sort of pyramid where the top people earn all the money.

YES you can make money online BUT it takes hard work and long hours to build up an online income and you need the right training to even get started. You need to learn SEO.. ” search engine optimisation” Advertising skills marketing Techniques and much more to grow a online business and the income.

Most people posting their online money making systems cant show you that they are earning with what they are selling as they are just not making much if any money, its the company or top experienced marketers who are making the money. Also most of these businesses disappear after a few months then you loose everything. Trust me i spent several hundreds on things that didnt work until i learned that i needed to get help and the right training.

In the end i paid a lot of money to go from my home in Spain to Miami for a weeks intensive personal training with top marketers that were showing how to get started building an online business.

Personally I have made some nice money online but mostly from products that i have created and training products teaching others how and what you need to learn. On my pages i always show what i personally earn so others can see proof it works but mostly these are small commissions and if you promote many products and systems then thats how you grow the online income.

There is one thing that makes it all worth it though.

Once you start to make money online its normally on auto and you can earn even when you are asleep as the internet never sleeps. Just a few weeks ago i had a commissions cheque for 125 dollars paid into my bank and that was made promoting a product that i use and it was made when i was a sleep in bed. These are not every day earnings and you need to build up many out lets but it really can work if you put in the effort.

The most i have earned in one day was 1500 dollars and again made when i was asleep as it was from a customer in the usa.

You will not get rich over night and it take long hours and hard work but the rewards can be very nice. A few years ago i had 3 weeks in Tahiti and Bora Bora from earnings from an online business i have.

see more proof here…

The next time you see one of these posts just ask that person to post a screen shot of their earnings so you can see that they are earning with that system. if they cant then how can you.

You need to be careful what you buy online and from who, never give money to a person you dont know as what ever they are promising will be a risk. Top marketers dont ask you for money, they normally give you free access first so you can see it works.

If you really want to learn the right way and see what i use now to earn my online income then i have FREE training on my website. I dont ever charge any money for my training now as i am concentrating on my house build here but you will have to buy my latest book “Finding work in Spain” where you will find the link and the password to access all the training . There is screen shots and proof of my earnings there and the training is on what really works now . Take a look below.

finding work in spain

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