Do you hate the rich?

I still see people post comments against the rich. here’s why thats so bad for you.

The other day a member of the group asked if i was “Rich” i responded straight away yes “Very”

But i have no money thats all spent on my house build. Read this…..

Which of the following statements is true?

  1. Rich people are greedy.
  2. Money corrupts people.
  3. People get rich by taking advantage of others.
  4. Good people should not care about money.
  5. All of the above.

If you agree with any of those beliefs, you are hurting your chances of becoming wealthy yourself. In fact, hating the rich is keeping you poor.

The stronger your hatred of the rich, the lower your income will be. Fact.

Dr. Brad Klontz, professor of financial psychology at Creighton University in Omaha, has found through years of research that those who think negatively about wealth and wealthy people are more likely to have lower incomes.

“As long as you hold those beliefs, you’re never going to be able to get ahead,” Klontz said. “They’re going to keep pulling you back.” Here’s why.

1. You Avoid Money

Everyone needs money to pay for food, housing and other necessities, but some believe that they shouldn’t have more than they need because having too much can corrupt people. They think that those who have a lot are greedy.

Beliefs such as these are what Klontz calls money avoidance. Because of these beliefs, you often do things subconsciously that hurt your financial well-being, such as overspending, blowing a windfall or not seeking advancement at work. You sabotage yourself because of your negative associations with money.R

2. … Yet You Worship Money

Ironically, people who despise the rich are more likely to worship money, Klontz said. They think that having more money will solve all of their financial problems and make their life better. “On the one hand they think money corrupts people, but, on the other hand, they want more,” he said.

This contradiction causes you to end up hating rich people even more because they have money and you don’t. You convince yourself that everyone who has money is bad and you tune out any evidence to the contrary.

Have you ever seen a very nice car pull up at the traffic lights and think . What a rich idiot or any ill feelings at all toward that person just because he has a better car than you? You see a big house and say “all that money i bet they are not happy” or money wont make you happy.

If you have then you can never have any of these things because your unconscious self is fighting these feelings. How can you be rich or have nice things when you hate the people that do.

A bad person is not bad because they are rich and a good person not good because he is poor. Having more money will only amplify these traits.

The next time you see a nice car or big house you should say” wow i bet they have worked hard for that or great they have made it so i can too.

Personally I am living in sunny Spain and get to work on my dream house build all day every day and have a beautiful wife and we are all healthy so i am very rich.

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Do you think this is right? are you rich yet?

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