Dont Be a Sad Story In Spain

The other day i had a message that i want to share so others may learn from it.

A guy private messaged me asking for help. He moved to Murcia 8 days ago from Manchester. He has a uk passport. He moved here with his wife and 2 young children. They have a very small budget. None of them speaks Spanish, they have never been to Spain before and they dont have all the paperwork they need.

They are staying with a friend but have to move out very soon. He met a person online who said that he would give him a job here if he was here.

Now here that promise of a job fell through and he has no work and needs to find a place to live.

I have spoken to this guy and tried to give him advice and put him in touch with a few people in his area that may be able to help but i think it will be difficult for him.

This guy seems to be intelligent and has taken my advice but i feel it will not end well for him.

If you are going to move your family to a new country where you dont speak the language or have the right papers in place and a very limited budget then you are setting yourself up for failure. A promise of a job is not worth anything here in Spain. A real job offer here would give you a contract or something in writing. Before any of that you need a place to live and sorting out rent or somewhere to stay at night is the first thing you need to do.

This is why i tell members to do research first. Its not just Spain but if you are going to move to any new country you need to do it right Not just go there and hope it will be ok especially if you have a family in tow.

Finding work in Spain is difficult and a contract job even harder but getting all the info and doing some basic research first can save you from these problems. You should at least have a trip to the country to check it out first.

There is enough info online now to get the basic info on what you need and what to do so if you just pack up and go for it with the family you are i feel you are being irresponsible. Over the years here i have seen and heard many stories like this of people coming here getting a part time illegal job for cash, then a few months later the job ends and they are left with not having the correct papers and no money and no job and not speaking any Spanish they wonder why its hard here.

Then there is the member in this group who says i should warn other members that spain is not such a great place as she moved back to uk after her dream life here was ruined . She came to spain 8 months ago and tried to get work but ended up doing 2 basic jobs at low pay and worked all the time she was here but rent and costs used all her money and she hated it here and in the end didnt have any money so moved back to the uk.

This person did not do enough research on the area she moved to. If she had she would have known there was not much work there and that it was not a tourist area and that some months in winter the place was very quiet, not good if you need to find work. Also she came here with just 2k and could not speak Spanish.

Guys we are all personally responsible for our actions and the risks we take but doing a bit of research to gather the right info will save you stress in the long run.

17 Years here and i understand why people want to move to Spain and i encourage them to go for it BUT come on people do a little research and get the facts.

If you move to a new country cant speak the language and dont have much money then it will be hard anywhere.

Dont be like these people. do your own research have some savings put by for at least 3 months and have a trip there to see first hand what its like before you commit.

We have loads of free info on the info page just click the header photo of this group.

More info on moving to spain below..


  1. Great words,I myself have helped so many people but now i refuse to do it unless they do it properly and legally…i pay alot of money to be self employed and then my taxes on top of that,people come here,get a low paid job with no contract,pay no taxes and go from job to job,moving house constantly and begging & borrowing, its ruined friendships and they always end up blaming Spain saying they hate it etc….no sorry its not spains fault its its them that FAILED…and back home they go! I could write a book. Hats off to anyone doing it the correct way as Spain gives me great life 🙂


  2. Good morning,
    I have myself gone back to the UK. Did not like it at all although I bought properties outright and spoke fluent Spanish . However, I know many people in Murcia and some might be able to help on the job front. The gentleman can get in contact if he wants to.


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