British Expats In Spain “Competition”

Starts Friday 29th March, Manana….

Rules and prizes.

Ok so here are the competition rules.

I will post 8 photos of me in Spain.

You have to guess what city or town I am in, in each of the photos.

List the cities you think below in the comments box, in any order you like. Then like the photo and leave a short comment saying how many of the places you have been to and whats your favourite place. If none just say none.

Next week I will check the answers and winners go in a hat the first one i pick wins all the prizes.

The Prizes.

“You win all 3 prizes”

A dual usb Solar Charger for mobile phones.

A “Learn Spanish Fast” Book from Amazon

Both of my new books “Moving to Spain” and “Finding work in Spain” this includes a link to my personal online training website showing how i earn online and how you can to.

You must be a member of the British expats in Spain group to participate in the competition.

“Good Luck”

Look out in the group for the 8 photos. they will all be in one post.

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