How To Find Work In Spain

After living and working in Spain for 16 years I want to share my experiences that may put others on the right track to finding employment here to fulfill their dream life in Spain.

Its not easy finding work in Spain especially if you cant speak Spanish but there are many things that you can do to increase your chances of employment here if you just make the effort.

Its like any country, if you dont speak the language you will find it very hard but even if you dont speak Spanish there are jobs here and there is work in most areas but i have found that most brits are i am sorry to say, a little too laid back when it comes to finding work in Spain.

Find Work In Spain

Over the years here i have seen brits do most things like airport runs bar work and little side jobs for cash but most struggle to make enough money or they work harder than they did in the uk. Yes there is bar work here in most areas or cleaning jobs but remember that its normally long hard hours for little pay as there are so many wanting that type of work.

Odd jobs for friends are great and pay better and normally its all cash but if you are not legally registered here or paying taxes on what you are earning then you run the risk of getting caught and they are looking out for this now here in Spain and there are big fines being put out now on those caught.

So what should you do?

First off, if you are going to work in Spain you will at some point need to Speak Spanish, so start learning now, even before you move here as it is the number one thing you can do that will really improve your chances.

Do a cv in English and Spanish even if you have no real skills just put down what you can do and what you are looking for. Then email this to every one that you think may be interested. If you email it to people most people will open it and if you have a photo at the top of your cv they will be able to connect with you better. Also make copies of your cv and just go out posting them everywhere by hand. You get to see the areas that way and learn more about where you might find work.

Look in the local papers they will be in Spanish but you can use google translate to help.

Say you are looking for work in a restaurant, just go to a few and tell them that you will do a few days for them for FREE. yes work for nothing . Most will give you a chance if its not going to cost them anything. Ok so you loose a few days but it could lead to them liking you and offering something more permanent.

I personally did this years ago. I worked for a local Spanish builders company stacking wood for 3 days for free then the boss asked if i could help one of his guys with a delivery and that lead to a part time job with them. It also helped me learn Spanish on the job.

Dont just stay with the Brits, go to Spanish companies and ask even if you struggle with the Spanish.

Last week I went into a local golf club near me and asked to speak to the maintenance manager about some dirt that I was moving from my land. I wanted to know if they needed any as they were close by and it would be a great place to get rid of it for free. They did and took a few lorry loads that saved me money finding a registered place to dump it.

As i was there they guy asked if i knew any English speaking people who needed work as he was looking for people to work on a new golf driving range that was set up and they had a lot of Brits there and needed an English speaking person to help with new members. Wow what a job opportunity that would be for someone.

You see if you dont get out there you will never know.

If you want to get a head start offer the rest looking for work here you need to do more than they are doing. Get out there get rejected loads of times as i have been in the past. Yes it can get you down but you only need that one person to give you a chance and your in and it could mean the best start for your new life in Spain/ Many will give up after a few times but its just a numbers game really and the more you do it the better your chances.

Remember its Your dream and only you can make it work, Its all down to how much you want it.

Theres many more great tips and links on finding work in Spain in my new book out on Amazon here…

finding work in spain


  1. Hi.. Just wondering what are the odds that finding a job for non europeann country.. I’m fom Philippines but currently working in IT industry in Singapore. Are there companies still willing to sponsor work visa?


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