Best Way To Learn Spanish

What is the Best Way To Learn Spanish?

If you are going to Live in Spain then you need to learn Spanish and with us Brits its a bit of a sore point as most Brits living in Spain only speak a few basic words or nothing at all.

Its easy to get in with small groups of expats here and not really need to speak much Spanish as i have seen many times here but there will be times when you need to and will have to have a friend help you or pay people to do it for you.

So what is the best way to learn Spanish?

Well we all learn at different speeds and in different ways and what works well for one may not be right for you.

After living here 17 years i see many people that do speak Spanish and many that dont and the ones that do normally have mixed in with Spanish people more so they get to practice what they learn and are always picking up new words and learning new phrases so this is in my opinion the best way to learn.

Just get out there and make a fool of your self as the locals dont really mind and like it when you try, they will help you and appreciate it when you try.

There are a few other ways that really help.

Tapes books and apps.

I found that years ago if i had Spanish on in the background, say on a tape, tv or the radio it really started to sink in. Watching local tv with subtitles on is also helpful.

There are some FREE apps out there now that you can download and have on your mobile when you are out walking the dog at the gym or shopping. These apps can get boring after a while so just download several and mix them up. The kids ones with silly games are great as they are basic and will get you started learning a few useful words and phrases.

Join clubs and events that are all Spanish no Brits, jump in at the deep end its a little scary at first but you meet some great new friends and get to practice what you learn and improve on it so a win win all round.

It embarrasses me when i see people i know here who have lived here several years who still cant speak spanish and dont bother, these people are missing out on so much here and are the ones who struggle here and often the ones that end up returning to the uk saying it was to hard.

Spain has so much to offer and the Spanish are such nice people if you only bother to speak to them in their language. Help your self fit in here and trive here rather than struggle by learning Spanish even before you move here as it above all eles will help you more than you know.

Are you learning Spanish and if so how are you learning?


More great tips on learning Spanish and what you need to know when moving to Spain below..


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  1. My wife and I plan to move out to Mojacar this summer. We are both using the Duolingo App and love it. We’ve just passed our 500 days of doing it every day, so really hope that it will give us a solid foundation to have the confidence to chat with Spanish people.


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