Who Should You Listen To?

Looking for advice on Moving To Spain but just Who Should You Listen To?

There are loads of people who are moving to Spain and those who have moved to Spain,all these people love to give their tips and advice but is it right to listen to them?

Well Yes and No, but you need to look at them a lot harder to see if they and their advice is relevant to you and your needs. Some of these people dont even live in Spain.

I have seen people that are not even living in spain yet give advice on what they “think” is right, they havent even been through this yet. Also there are members here that have been here less than a year and who are giving advice to people about living in Spain.

Now they are not all wrong BUT you must take a look at members to see if they really have much experience in life here to see if their info is of value. Some members that have just moved here can be very helpful as things change fast and they may know about new changes. So in some cases these new members have valuable info over others that have been here some years.

We have some members here that have been here a few years and give great helpful tips and advice and some that are just guessing what they think is right.

Please take a few mins to go check out these people before you take what they say as facts.

First off let me say that even with my 18 years experience living and working here in Spain my tips and advice will not resonate well with everyone as people have different experiences and views on everything. Over the 18 years here i have lived and worked for many people of all nationalities i have seen big differences in how they live here in Spain and there are those that like to get out and about here and really mix with Spanish people and there are those who just want a quiet life sitting on their terrace having a nice glass of wine. Both are great if thats what you want.

The trick is to find people who are living the type of life that you would like to have here and follow what they did and their advice. They may have a big house in the country here or a 2 bed appartment near the beach. Whats right for them may not be what your looking for but with our almost 9k members here now you will find someone thats doing just what you want. Learn from them.

If you want what others have, do what others have done”

Also if you want a nice house in the Town and just go out for tapas a few times a week then look for and follow these types of people

The next time to see comments or posts from people, why not just take a closer look at them or their page as there will be pics and posts of how they are living that may or may not sit right with what you are looking for.

Sometimes we mean well and offer advice on what we think is the best but that may not be best for you and your needs.

British expats in spain

Also look at how long people have been living in Spain. 18 years here now still doesn’t mean I know it all by a long shot and i am still learning new things weekly here but when you see someone who is telling you what they think and they dont even live in Spain, just think a little before taking their advice.

Listen to all advice but take what is relevant to your needs.

Theres a lot of experts on facebook.

Ok so this may sound obvious advice but some people have posted that things are very cheap here or are very expensive in Spain. …Both are right but in what respect are they referring to.

I have personally bought and sold several properties and land here so have some idea of the ups and downs to look out for and learned many stress saving tips along the way.

MY INFO is from my good friend Alejandro who was my accountant here and is now the

BRITISH CONSULATE and he is updated weekly from british and spanish governmente so a handy guy to know.

If you are moving to Spain then dont always listen to what people say, even my views may not be right for you.. If its your dream to Move to Spain then dont let anyone put you off its your dream not theirs.

I personally love the way of life in Spain and will always encourage and help others who wish to do so.

Now, go look for and follow these members who have done what you want to do and see what they did and ask them as they will be happy to help you. We have some great members here that are willing to help you follow your dreams so go follow them.


David on the BBC News

Davids interview on Costa Del Sol Radio.


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