Its A New Year For A Reason

Is it A New Year a New You?

Will this New Year really be new for you or will you just settle into the same ole routine?

So we are well into the New Year and its a time when most start working on their big plans and make changes in their life but many peoples plans fall away after just a few weeks and they drift back into the same routine working all the hours mostly at jobs they dont like, just to pay the bills.

“You attract what you think about”

It takes work and dedication to accomplish your dreams thats why most people are NOT living their dreams. With TV and media influencing our lives daily its hard to stay focused on what we want and the end goal.

All these must have things that we see daily will not really create a better life for us but we are almost brain washed into thinking we need them.

My idea of a dream life…

To get up when you want and do what you want as much as you like in a country you love.

So how can we have this? First off write it down, list just what it really is that you want and then start looking into others who have what you want and how they got it.

So as most here are interested in moving to Spain lets say you want to move to Spain this year but dont have enough money or know how to do it. This is your dream.

OK so yes it does take money to move to Spain but not as much as you think and each year people move here with little or no money and find a way to make it work.

Obviously its going to be better with some money behind you and the more the better but there are ways that anyone can move to Spain if they really want to. Start looking into what sort of area you may like to live in, say beach, village life, the mountains or even something in between. Then look at costs and expenses that you think you will need. Now you have a picture of your dream life and what it costs more or less so not you have a starting point to work on and research all the facts specifically related to your needs.

Now the work begins. Gather all the info that you can on these subjects and as you start to do this you will see new things come into your life and new ways to get the things that you want. I am not saying its going to drop out of the sky into your lap but years ago i wanted a new 4 x 4 truck but didnt have the money even though i was busy working full time. I looked hard and long all over the place for ways to get this truck then one day as i was in a garage looking at second hand trucks i met a new client who wanted a lot of work done on his house he had just bought here and I took on 3 new guys to help me get the job done and in just a few months i had that new truck.

If you focus on what you want and take action even little things, then doors start to open up to you. This is the law of attraction and it really does work if you work with it.

Dont let your dreams fail this year, time never stops so make the most of it and start making your list now and start learning some Spanish its free to start and a great step in the right direction.

Have you got a wish list yet?

Still not sure where to start?

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