How to learn Spanish Fast

How to learn Spanish Fast

updated may 2022

There are many ways to learn Spanish but here i will show you how I learned Spanish and what i think is the fastest way you can learn.

If you live in a new country and you dont speak that language then you will struggle and miss out in so many ways. Each year thousands of Brits move to Spain but 90% dont learn to Speak more than several words of Spanish. They all say they will learn but in reality its a little harder than you think.

We all learn at different speeds and in different ways so what is easy for one person may not be right for you.

Dont struggle learning Spanish


How I learned Spanish.

When i first moved to Spain i started lessons at a language school here 3 nights a week but after just 2 weeks i just found it to slow and hard to take in.

I wanted to learn fast in months not years. learning all the verbs takes years but i just wanted to learn enough to speak to people and practice what i know and improve on that.

Courses, videos and mobile apps, i tried the lot and was still not really able to have a conversation in Spanish.

Then I saw an advert for a walking club near where i lived and at that time i was on my own here then and decided to join the club even though it was a Spanish walking club and i was the only English speaker there. I though it would make me learn as i know nobody what did it matter if people didnt speak to me or the whole thing was a mistake or i made a fool of myself.

Each week the club went out in different areas and always stopped off mid way for a drink in some bar or cafe where we would all chat. At first it was strange as i really didnt understand anyone but they all were very friendly and helped me.

After about 3 months i started to know many of the walkers who were all different ages and made new friends and got invited to new places to meet even more new people and thats how my circle of friends grow fast.

By going to places where people only spoke Spanish i was forced to speak Spanish and picked up basic phrases at first then more and more new words. The basic conversation phrases started to grow into being able to ask questions to people about there lives and works and this is how i built up my Spanish vocabulary, plus i was practising what i learned every week.

Make new Spanish Friends


How You Can Learn Fast.

So you may make a fool of yourself, i did many times but you learn fast my making mistakes and trying.

3 Ways You Can Learn Fast.

1 …Go to classes and start from the beginning. This takes years is hard work and can be boring.

2…Join some Spanish clubs, there is loads, there is always something you are interested in here so look for a club that does it. ..this is fun and when its fun you like learning

3…Online courses,Videos and Apps.

I also paid for private lessons once a week it was more expensive but I was able to learn at my pace and the way that was right for me.

These work well too  and i did like the a few course I bought to learn some new app I like is Duolingo great for learning some new words and use when you are out and about.

The online courses and audio you can listen to anywhere as you go about your daily routine and it does start to sink in.

…..When are you going to Start?…..

Here is  one i recommend and there is a free trial below…

Are you leaning Spanish? how are you learning at the moment and is it working for you?

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