Paying deposits on rentals in Spain

Just seen that another person in the group is having problems getting back their deposit after renting an apartment in Spain. 

This has been common here for many years and so a few years ago the local government offices has a department for this ask at your local council office its called *Delegacian provincial de economia hacienda* 

They hold the deposit of the rental so as when the term is over you can get it back.

I personally did this a few years ago on a property i rented out here and they family did a runner and i got the deposit back, it works for both parties and protects both.

Years ago i rented myself through an agent and the agent did it all as I was green back then and trusted them, They held my deposit in the office or their bank. after 10 months i said we where leaving and told the estate agent to come inspect the place to see that it was perfect, we had moved into a new place, and they did come and saw that it was perfect. 3 days later i went to their office to collect my 800 euros deposit and they told me that the owner had got in cleaners to clean the place as it was so dirty and it cost 800 euros.

I argued with them but they said i needed to speak to a lawyer, the lawyer told me it would take a long time and cost money so i put it down to an expensive lesson.

Dont trust anyone thats renting just do it right or leave a small deposit as it can be very hard to get it back if you dont do it right.

Hope this has helped please leave a comment thanks.

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